Wednesday, November 16, 2011

String Bridge, by Jessica Bell

From the website:

"Greek cuisine, smog and domestic drudgery was not the life Australian musician, Melody, was expecting when she married a Greek music promoter and settled in Athens, Greece. Keen to play in her new shoes, though, Melody trades her guitar for a 'proper' career and her music for motherhood. That is, until she can bear it no longer and plots a return to the stage—and the person she used to be. However, the obstacles she faces along the way are nothing compared to the tragedy that awaits, and she realizes she's been seeking fulfilment in the wrong place."

About the Author:

Jessica Bell is a literary women's fiction author, poet and singer/songwriter who grew up in Melbourne, Australia, to two gothic rock musicians who had successful independent careers during the '80s and early '90s. She spent much of her childhood travelling to and from Australia to Europe, experiencing two entirely different worlds, yet feeling equally at home in both environments. She currently lives in Athens, Greece and works as a freelance writer/editor for English Language Teaching publishers worldwide.
Jessica has also published a book of poetry called Twisted Velvet Chains. A full list of poems and short stories published in various anthologies and literary magazines can be found on her website.

What I thought about String Bridge:

Okay, so I think everyone should know by now that literary women's fiction is not my typical genre of choice. It's almost as far from YA sci-fi as you can get. But when it came to reading Jessica Bell's String Bridge, none of that mattered.

It's one of those books you take to bed with you, and when you wake up in the middle of the night, you're still thinking about the last line you read. And I'll admit there have been a few books I've read throughout my life that have touched me so deeply, gotten so under my skin, that I've had to remind myself I wasn't the MC. That those things weren't happening to me. String Bridge was one of them.

I cried at parts, I laughed at others. And I fell in love with Melody.

I would absolutely, 100%, give this book five stars. Aka, what are you still doing here? Go and buy this book now!!!

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  1. Oh Emily! This review means so much to me. One of the best things about this book release is being able to touch my readers like this. And to have the opportunity for readers of genre fiction to give literary a go. Not all literary fiction is boring. I'm so glad I'm able to prove that. Thank you so much!!! Mwah!

  2. My copy arrived in the mail today!!!! YAY!!! :)

  3. Great review!! So cool that it isn't even your genre, and you loved it. That says a lot. And Melody is the perfect name for a musical protagonist! :)

  4. oooH! this is such an exciting review! yay jessica!


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