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I've been writing for years, professionally for the last two, and decided it was time I branched out. After just the first week of being in the editing business, I acquired published authors as my clients and was offered a contract with a publishing company. I've worked with editors for years, picked up their secrets (including a fanaticism for proper grammar and brilliantly produced stories), and learned what to look for myself, and what they're looking for in a marketable book.

If you're interested in hiring me for your editing needs, here are a few packages available:

The Query Package:


A detailed edit on what does and does not work in your query.

The Agent/Editor Submission Package:


Up to three chapters of your ready-to-submit manuscript. This package gets you two passes to get your three chapter submission ready for querying.

The Copy Edit Package:


A full manuscript copy edit. One pass.

  • fix typos
  • tighten sentences (e.g. get rid of the pesky "that" and "of" when you just don't need it--and believe me, it happens much more than you'd think)
  • work within your particular style to fix sentences that don't "mesh."
  • Be a set of fresh eyes authors desperately need before publishing
The Copy and Content Edit Package:


A full manuscript content and copy edit. One pass.

I'll do all of the above from the copy edit package with the added bonus of looking for weak spots, help you flesh out areas that need help, and provide solutions for trouble areas. This is a great one for any author looking to self-publish. 

The Three Pass Package:


A full manuscript content and copy edit. Three passes.

I do all of the above from the content and copy edit package, but I work with you from the beginning to end with a first, second, and final pass. You'll get all the benefits of your very own editor. With my second and final look, I'll see if your revisions took care of the problem areas I detected the first time around and together, we'll make your manuscript shine.

**This package comes available with a payment plan.

If interested, contact me at authoremilywhite(at)gmail(dot)com to set up a date. A 50% down payment is required once a due date has been set.

 I'm sorry, but I do not do erotica or LGBT. They aren't my personal preferences and you deserve someone who is going to fall in love with your work.

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