Friday, February 17, 2012

Fairy Tale Princess Hair

So you know I don't usually talk about my personal life on here. Sometimes it happens, but for the most part, my life is boring. Amidst cleaning my house and wiping bums, I come on the internet, check out blogger and facebook, and work on my novel.

Like I said. Pretty dull.

Except now.

The other day, I was standing in line at the supermarket, waiting for the cashier to finish ringing up all my stuff. There was an older gentleman behind me and I could feel him staring at me. Well, I'm a very shy person, so I just played with my wallet as I waited to be done and out of there.

And then he said, "You look like..."

I turned and smiled at him as he stared with his eyes wide open. Obviously he had not meant to say what he was about to say out loud. He repeated himself a few times as I continued to smile. Honestly, I was just trying to communicate with him that I was not the type to scoff at strangers because they have the audacity to talk to me.

Finally, he said, "You...uh...look like a fairy tale princess. Because of your hair."

I paused for a moment because this was just about the greatest compliment I'd ever gotten and then I beamed at the man and thanked him. He seemed very relieved. I think he thought I might have treated him like a loony. Actually, my husband was a bit upset when I told him later. But it was such a wonderful moment to my day!

(By the way, my bio picture is a bit outdated. My hair isn't quite as long as this yet, but it's close and it has the same wave, so now that he said it, I can kind of see it.) 

I think a lot of times, we don't know how to act around strangers. Stranger danger is ingrained in us since childhood that we can't fathom a   situation where it's appropriate for someone we don't know to pay us a compliment. Or to talk to us in general unless it's business related or to say "excuse me" or "thank you."

But I'm glad that man spoke up. I told him he made my day and by the way he smiled back, I think I might have made his day too.

Do you pay compliments to strangers, just because? Or have you had any interesting experiences while out doing mundane things?

Also!!! On a completely unrelated note. The interviews have started! Check out all my *cough* interesting answers on Pure Textuality and learn more about the craziness that is me.


  1. Speaking of interviews, I received an email about you last week. I'm wondering what left field questions I can come up with for you. Hmm...maybe vic can help a brother out.

  2. Aww that's so adorable! What a lovely way to handle the compliment, too.

    1. Wasn't it?? Yeah, the guy was very nice. I find myself wondering now what the cashier thought of the whole exchange. :o

  3. No, I don't compliment very often because you never know how the other person is going to respond. I'm glad the two of you made each others day! :)

  4. I'm same as you, totally shy!!!! But hey, that was a STUNNING compliment and your hair are close to that length?? :O I'm jealous!! I'm seriously trying to reach a length like that but it's a long way... *sigh* Oh well, I'm anything but a quitter so, wait for me, fairytale girl! ;P

  5. What a cute story! Most people are too shy to say anything like that. I think it's sweet when they do!

    I have pretty long hair too (it comes to the middle of the back) and it's thick and kind of wavy. I get compliments from strangers about it sometimes, which is cool.

    The oddest/nicest thing a stranger's ever told me? I was standing at the gas pump one day. A young, nice-looking guy was staring at me and I am shy like you so I just pretended not to notice. Then he said something like "excuse me" and I thought he had a question or something, so I looked at him, and then he said "I just wanted to tell you that I think you're really beautiful." And oh my gosh, I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY. On the one hand I was extremely flattered but on the other I had this "Should I say thank you? What if he tries to ask me out--that would be totally awkward and I would feel bad shooting him down, etc" moment of panic. So I just kind of got flustered and stammered and stared at the ground hoping he would go away before I melted from embarrassment. He got embarrassed, apologized, got in his car, and drove away. I felt so bad later because the guy wasn't creepy or being a weirdo, and I wish I'd been a little nicer to him, because he totally made my day. My husband thought it was hilarious when I told him about it. Anyway, funny stuff.

    1. That is such a sweet story! Oh my goodness, what a wonderful compliment! I probably would have been just as embarrassed, though.

  6. That's sweet! I've actually done this before to people I don't even know. And usually I'm complimenting their hair! but also sometimes a dress or other clothing. :)

  7. It's amazing how just adding....I hope you have a great day at the end of a brief encounter with someone serving you can provide them with the opportunity to respond if they so desire. I don't care now if I come over as having 2 heads because I say G'day to someone in the street if they make eye contact with me. Individualism and disconnect appears to be so much the norm these days (almost the recommended approach). I can imagine how relieved that man was when you responded in such a positive manner. Sometimes with all the good intentions in the world - an attempt to engage with a stranger can be seen as inappropriate and unacceptable. What a sad state of affairs that is.

    1. It really is sad, but how nice that you do that! I bet you brighten days far more often than you get strange looks. :)

  8. Awww, how lovely!

    I'm really glad that guy spoke up because every girl needs to hear a compliment like that at least once in her life. And I can guess why your husband was upset too - he'd just been totally upstaged by some stranger! Ha, I bet it drove him crazy.

    If I see something beautiful or amazing and I can tell someone then I do because I go by the philosophy that wonderful things should be acknowledged and people should feel good about themselves.

    It's good that we teach Stranger Danger to our children but at the same time as adults we need to recognise the inherit good in most people.

    I had someone pay me a compliment a while back. I was in a clothes store and one of the store assitants was ringing up my purchases when she suddenly blurted out: "You look just like Princess Jasmine from Alladin!" It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to me!


  9. you so purty! :)
    (does that bother jason? mwhahhahahahaaaaaa!)


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