Friday, October 23, 2009

What's Your Vice?

Okay so maybe this isn't technically a vice, but I've been addicted to watching old seasons of Stargate SG-1, to the detriment of my writing career. I'll admit that it's been a couple weeks since the last time I wrote anything of significance in my novel. Sure, I've written a short story here and there, but my vice has taken precedence over my real writing.

Each morning I wake up and tell myself that I'm going to finish a chapter in Aurumenas and at night I tell myself that tomorrow will be the day. It's getting ridiculous! You would think that because I'm aware of this show getting in the way, I would cut it out of my life completely, but apparently not. Every time I sit down to write in my book, my mind wanders to what the next episode might be about.

So what's your vice? You may not be suffering from it now, but what really gets in the way of your writing when you allow it to?

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  1. Hehe. WRITING is my vice. It gets in the way of laundry, paying bills, and other such necessary things.


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