Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Madness

And no, I'm not talking about basketball.

More like I'm going to go mad if I add one more thing to my to-do list.

I really did think I'd be able to keep up with my regular blogging schedule while preparing for the impending launch of ELEMENTAL this summer, but I was wrong.  There are way too many initial details to take care of right now that are impeding on my blogging time.


I'm going to take March off and come back in April for the A to Z Challenge!  And when I do come back, the awesomeness will begin!

Be prepared.  :)


  1. Have a great break in March! I look forward to your upcoming entries for the A-Z blogging challenge!!!

  2. Oh, super idea. We don't want you going mad on us, Emily! ;o) Be productive, girl!

  3. Enjoy your break and glad you're doing the A to Z Challenge!

  4. March is going to be my first month jobless, focusing on my new biz and writing. I'm sure you will be missed. Get that book going and out for us and we will forgive easily.

  5. em!!! i'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed!!!
    but i think you are making a very wise decision. :) i'm sure the extra time will make elemental all shiny and sparkly!!!! :)

  6. Sheesh. I finally crawl out of my hole and everyone's going on hiatus. Look forward to your return, chickadee.

  7. not sure it's a good decision because you need the marketing power of the blogosphere if you are to publish book yourself.
    Have a nice break!

  8. April will be awesome!
    And for some reason, my Google Reader won't accept your blog's address to follow. I'm going to keep trying...

  9. Don't feel bad! Everyone needs a breather now and then. Look forward to your return.

  10. Wishing you well with Elemental. See you in April. :D

  11. One, you'll be back in two days, so I'll be sure to come visit you then.

    Two, holy cow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog layout!!

    That is all. ;-) Good luck with the A to Z challenge.


  12. I hope March was a brilliant time off and you got heaps done. Being an Aussie, I've already started the challenge muwahahahaa :)


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