Friday, August 5, 2011

The Nerds of Connecticut Are So Charming This Time of Year

Especially when this semi-old nerd from New York comes to visit. :)

Pi-Con is just a few more weeks away and I'm going to be there!  I'll even be reading Ch. 1 from ELEMENTAL during the Rapid Fire Reading! (yes, you know you want to be there to hear it)

But I have a problem.  I kind of want to dress up in something ELEMENTAL related. 


Based on the cover and the back of the book blurb (all of which is located somewhere on this blog), what do you think I should wear?

I'll accept crazy suggestions, not-so-crazy suggestions, out-of-this-world suggestions!  You name it!  And I'll consider it!

I'll take my favorite suggestion and send the winner ten (yes, TEN!) signed bookmarks!!! And then! And then! I'll get my picture taken in the getup and send it to the winner, too!  Yes, I know.  Everyone wants a picture of me. ;)

Oh yeah, and if you're in the Enfield, Connecticut area, you MUST come and visit me (this isn't a stipulation to be a part of the contest, but I would love to meet all of you in person :) ).

Now get to thinking!! You've got a week to come up with something amazing and leave it in the comments.  I'm counting on you! :)


  1. hmmm... i'll have to give some thought to this baby! mwha ha ha haaaa!!! :P

  2. Well, you can try this one to attract the geeks to the table: LINK

    Or stick with the classic: LINK

    Or try something a little newer: LINK

    Personally, I’d be entertained by a picture of you in any of these. :-)

  3. Some kind of crazy color contacts, at the bare minimum.

  4. What fun! Wish I lived closer. Love your cover.


  5. Oooh... now I'm inspired. Check your email. :)

  6. Hmm. . .maybe a jail uniform?~Elizabeth

  7. you should wear aubergine skirt (preferably something very tight knee length), knee length high heeled boots also in some aubergine colour or some dark green colour (they should be shiny and sexy but also aristocratic), and over that a sage green knit top with a big pink or green silk rose or peony on your shoulder ;)


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