Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Halloween!!

But you probably knew that already. And if you didn't, well...I don't know what to tell you...

To the rest of you,

Happy Halloween!!

If you have kiddos, you're lucky because you get to eat their candy. If you don't have kiddos, you're still lucky because you probably bought candy and you can snack on it all night. It's a wonderful time of the year.

So last Friday, Gorgeous and I went to the local theater for their haunted house. It's one of those old theaters with a balcony and box seating, so turning it into a haunted theater wasn't that difficult. The actors did a really great job, but I felt bad because I laughed all the way through it. For one, despite the fact the actors were hidden very well, I still managed to find them and I stared at them the whole time waiting for them to do their thing. Also, as anyone who read my scary story knows, I've been through some real stuff. The fake kind doesn't scare me anymore. Sorry, actors.

Gorgeous, on the other hand, did get surprised a few times. The zombie hidden between the seats was his favorite.

The best part of the evening, though, was when we stepped into the lobby and a bunch of people in costume started dancing to Thriller right outside the doors.

I didn't even think of taking a picture until a few seconds before the end, and then I ran out with my camera in hand. This was the best I could get because they literally finished two seconds after I took this.

We then drove to a farm where they have a haunted hayride every year, but after waiting in line for about fifteen minutes, and then noticing in the distance (beyond the labyrinth you have to walk through) another group of people waiting by a bonfire, we decided we were way too cold to be waiting all night to be pulled through the woods by a tractor.

So we left to pick up the kids and go home. It was a short night, but very fun.

Tonight, I'll be taking the kids out around the neighborhood with my sisters and their kids. My two little guys will be going as Carlisle and Edward Cullen (and I'll be Rosalie because...well...I'm gorgeous, duh! Hehehe! :P). There will be pictures later in the week.

Are any of you doing anything special for Halloween? Any haunted houses?

Oh, and because it just seems wrong to NOT include this, here's some info on WNY's most famous haunted house:

Also, a video:

And my favorite part from one of my favorite shows ever:

Ghost Facers from Supernatural (no, I cannot actually put it on here, but you should definitely click the link. It's worth it)

Have a great Halloween, everyone!


  1. I'm the one stuck home handing out candy. :(

    Happy Halloween! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a fun night! I love haunted attractions. My husband and I did the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse (it's sort of like being in a zombie movie, complete with actors, guns, and lots of running) with some friends for the 2nd time this year and it was AMAZING.

  3. Katie--That sounds like so much fun!! My BIL and SIL live in Atlanta. Hmmm...maybe next year, Gorgeous and I will have to pay them a visit. :)

  4. I love thriller. Michael Jackson sure started a worldwide meme to his music, didn't he?

  5. That is so cool about Thriller. I probably could do the dance moves. But not very well. I'm a bad dancer.

    Sounds like a fun time.

    Happy Halloween!

  6. what an awesome experience!
    i kinda figured you'd be rosalie- i mean your just soooo pretty!
    hope the kiddos loved it!


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