Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do You Remember Your Teen Crush?

The guys or gals who made you stay up at night as you dreamed about meeting him/her... 
The ones who adorned your bedroom posters...
Those sexy beings who could draw you to the movie theater to watch even the stupidest movie in the world (saying this from personal experience)...

From Vic's blog (because she says it so well): "How many hours did we spend gobbling up their appearances on tv or in movies, their musical gigs, and their athletic events?  How many magazines did we borrow from our friends just because that dreamy celeb was on the cover, or cut out pics to tack-up on our walls, rubber cement to our notebooks, or stick inside our lockers?

In a really strange (and likely unhealthy) way, these heartthrobs helped shape who we were, how we saw ourselves, and the qualities we'd end up looking for in our future mates.  Even as the battle rages over at Justine's place about Alpha and Beta Males and Katie contemplates the evolution of the modern hero,  understanding just what it was about that fellow (or gal) that made our tummies butterfly is important when shaping our characters.
We'd like to salute and celebrate the heartthrobs of OUR pasts.  Those gents and ladies who taught our hearts to pitter-patter and (in some cases) slipped into the ether of anonymity."

The Teen Heartthrob Blogfest!!!
March 5th

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How Many Teen Heartthrobs do you list??
7! Because it's such a lovely number

Let's get to it! And swoon together!


  1. I can't wait to see everyone's lists!

  2. Okay, this sounds like so much fun! Count me in.

  3. Interesting. I shall be a voyeur on this and look at other people's lists.

  4. whoot! whoot! this is going to be soooo fun!

  5. I'm not sure I can do this one. Teenage boys have pantsthrobs, not heartthrobs. :)


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