Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving On With Our Lives

Election season is over.

Now let's move on. 

Well, actually, I do want to address one issue and get your opinion.

It's been my policy to avoid politics on my blog, fb, and twitter. As someone who has gone into social media with the goal of attracting readers and fans of my work, I've always felt that personal issues should be approached very carefully. I've talked about my family, my past, my faith, and other personal stuff very rarely (and only when I thought it was pertinent to my work or might entertain).

I've developed friendships with many of you and would never want to harm that no matter what. 

So I avoid politics.

It has very little to do with my work and I'm not so silly as to assume that people I respect and love must naturally agree with me on all topics.

But not everyone in this industry has the same policy as me. And I certainly don't want to jump to the conclusion that I am right and they are wrong. But I have to admit that I do wish some of the people I love and respect had seen eye to eye with me and my policy just a tad bit more.

And I wanted your opinion on this. I certainly don't expect all of you to agree with me. I think opinions are wonderful things and I absolutely love dialogue. In fact, I'm a very opinionated person and love to debate on many topics. I certainly share my thoughts with people in my personal life. 

But I think a professional life should be treated differently. And I think that no matter what your stance is, it should be approached with respect towards others. 

A lot of insults have been flying around lately. And I have to admit some of them hurt me personally and I know they came from people who would never want to hurt me intentionally. I'm not alone, either. I've heard from several people who have been hurt or dismayed due the rhetoric on social media.

We have to remember that not everyone agrees with us and that's okay. And we have to remember that there's a time and place for heated opinions. I don't think your professional platform is it. 

Let me clarify, though, because as I'm reading over this I see there might be some confusion. I DO believe all positive opinions should be given freely without fear of offending. My issue is when someone uses a professional platform to insult or push an opinion in a very negative manner.

And I want your opinion. Did you tire of this political season? Especially all my readers from around the world! You must certainly have been tired of the non-stop talk. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm alone in my opinion.


  1. I think politics are important and they do fascinate me. I am an opinionated person and I enjoy talking about various issues and subjects with people that are informed, but I completely agree with you about the election and national campaigns in general. There is just too much of it. Of all of it. Too much media, too many people talking about it everywhere and too many people insulting other people that are in their everyday lives.

    I am very ready to move on :) and no matter what your views, I respect them and I respect your opinion a whole lot. I have a similar one. I will share my views one on one or in a group if asked but I tend to steer away from discussing them in a public forum like the internet.

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  2. I'm not American, so I didn't have to absorb as much of it, but I got pretty tired of negative attack politics. And also the seemingly underlying assumption that voters cannot understand a discussion of issues in any complex way, so just chuck out a quick soundbite and then try to make your competitors look bad. I kind of wish there was more talk about what will be done, rather than about who will do it. But that's American politics these days, I guess.

  3. the negativity.
    the negativity just about killed me this year.
    the smearing, the name-calling, the lies.
    there is a certain amount of respect i believe we owe our president, no matter who he or she is... and mud-slinging elections... well, it makes it difficult to respect any of them.
    and that goes for those in the chorus of echoes as well.

  4. I don't usually talk about polotics, unless i feel that people's rights are being violated. Then i'm all up in that. But mostly i just try and be quiet and respectful because i am an FIRM believer in "to each their own" as long as they aren't hurting anyone

  5. I'm just glad I can watch TV again without being inundated with asinine ads.

  6. Oh I am SO glad the election is over. And not have to read political stuff that makes me grind my teeth on Facebook (my fingers...itching to respond...but I curb myself). :) You're right--it should be minimal or at least respectful.


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