Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sex Appeal, Go Away

I have to rant.

I HAVE to.

James Dashner (one of my ALL-TIME favorite authors) just posted a gorgeously delicious tidbit about the movie adaptation for his Maze Runner series.

The article was "Will Poulter Offered Leading Roll in 'The Maze Runner' Adaptation." I clicked on it immediately because 1. I couldn't remember who Will Poulter was and 2. I MUST KNOW!!!

Now, the article doesn't say which part was offered, but seeing as the leading character is Thomas, everyone's coming to that conclusion.

Here's the actor:

You may recognize his face from "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Not overly handsome, but not a great picture, either.

People vocalized their disappointment in the comment thread to Mr. Dashner's fb post. "He's not pretty enough," "Thomas should be pretty," "Please, James, nooo! He does not appeal to us."

For one, authors rarely get a say in who plays their characters, so let's just stop with that plea on those grounds alone. And for another, Thomas was NEVER described as pretty. At best, he was plain and at worst, his friends made fun of him for how ugly he was.

Please, please, please stop expecting gorgeous main characters! I am SO tired of this. Let's get back to loving books and loving characters for who and what they are. I don't want to hear about these immediate judgments because the main guy or gal isn't good-looking enough. 

I love Thomas. Scores of people love Thomas. He's not pretty. Never was and never will be. Stop looking for eye candy and start appreciating real, exciting, deep characters.*

*I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but you never know when a visitor might stop by who actually needs to hear this.


  1. While I'm not familiar with this particular book (Sorry!) I definitely agree. One reason I love books is that you get to know characters based on their personality, regardless of what they look like.

    1. Keshia, for shame! :P

      Yes, this is why I love books, too! And I really LOVE movie adaptations, but I get so frustrated when people throw all those great personalities aside in favor of hot bodies and high cheek bones.

  2. Oh, brother. Some people...
    1) The actor is plenty good looking! What snobs people are...
    2) He is an INCREDIBLE actor. He was perfect in Dawn Treader. Pretty pathetic if we value someone's looks more than the skill he has developed and worked for.
    I'm glad you brought this up, even if "those people" aren't likely to read it...I hope the movie is great and he proves everyone wrong! :)

  3. yeah i never pictured Thomas as some teen dream. I don't like the actor, though, because i pictured Thomas as darker. BUT! That's what makeup and hair dye is for!

  4. I think this actor could do a great job as Thomas! People assume authors have all the control, with covers, touring, and movie adaptions. They create the idea, and then others adapt it and help try to make it more accessible. Blah, I think he'll be a fine actor. We won't know until we see it!

    1. Yes! I would be far more concerned if the actor in question just wasn't very talented, but this guy is brilliant.

  5. Nothing wrong with the looks of this actor in my humble opinion. Enjoyed the rant. :) Found you through the A to Z Challenge.

  6. Seriously? They want eye candy for THE MAZE RUNNER??! No way. I think this actor is perfect for the character; I can totally see it. :)


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