Friday, May 3, 2013


Hey, everyone!

In preparation for ALMOST NIGHT's August release, I'll be regularly posting some sneak peeks, audio bits, character pics, and all sorts of other cool stuff.

I hope you enjoy!

This one's from Lilly's POV:

                "Mom's sun-stained submarine gray Tempo pulled up to the curb at the front of Bethlehem High. Kids milled around the sprawling manicured lawn. They all looked pretty excited to be there--chatting in groups and laughing. I recognized quite a few of them from my middle school, but I knew there would be plenty of kids who had yet to experience the shock of my face. Of course, the town wasn't that big. A very small city, really. If I'd ever actually gone out in public, this moment might not have seemed so much like torture.
                I pulled out my hot pink barrette and fluffed my hair around my face to hide my eyes.  But then as the wisps of snow white hair fell in my peripheral vision, I decided to pull all the strands back again.  There was no way to limit the shock.
                I groaned and opened the passenger door to step out. Might as well just get it over with."

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