Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Editing Services

Guess what, readers? I'm branching out! Yes, I now offer editing services to anyone who needs them. Be it an author looking to self-publish, an author wanting to submit a wonderfully polished manuscript (or chapters) to an agent or editor, a newspaper, a business, anyone. 

This is what you'll find on my brand new page up there:

I've been writing for years, professionally for the last two, and decided that it was time I branched out. Writers and readers are some of my favorite people. I love hanging out with them, I love helping them, I love everything about them.

And over the years I've discovered that I have a superpower useful to people in the writing community. Sometimes it's gotten me into trouble (like when I discovered a typo in the menu for a huge event the night before), but most times it's been appreciated.

What can I say? This is why people should hire copy editors before something goes to print. Sadly, it's a profession that's taken a hit over the years, with dire consequences. Just read any newspaper (online or otherwise) and you'll understand.

If you're interested in hiring me for your copy editing needs, here's a list of what I'll do:
  • fix typos
  • tighten sentences (e.g. get rid of the pesky "that" and "of" when you just don't need it--and believe me, it happens much more than you'd think)
  • work within your particular style to fix sentences that don't "mesh."
  • Be a set of fresh eyes authors desperately need before publishing
Me fees are very reasonable. Only $1/page for full-length works (based on word count), $50 flat fee for up to three chapters (like for submissions to an agent or editor). 

If interested, contact me at authoremilywhite(at)gmail(dot)com with the first five pages of your work. I'll submit a sample of my edits to see if you'd like to work with me. If yes, then there's a 50% down payment and we'll schedule a due date.

At this point, I'm focusing on copy edits especially, but am more than capable of doing content edits as well. 
If you're looking for both, I charge $1.50/page. Sorry, but it's more work and more hours spent with your manuscript.
Content AND copy edits are always provided for the first three chapter submissions you're getting ready for an agent or editor. 
I can only take a limited number of clients a month, so contact me today if you're interested. :)

There is a sale going on right now! If you contact me by June 14th and we schedule a due date we both feel comfortable with, I will provide both copy and content edits for your full-length work for the price of copy edits alone.

Yay! So that's my big news! I hope you'll celebrate with me. :)


  1. Congrats!
    I did a little paid editing on the side, it was enough to show me that i didn't like doing it enough to keep doing it.


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