Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Goodness Me!

All of yesterday went by before I even realized that it was Monday. *smacks forehead*

So clearly, this is a busy time of year for all of us. We're trying to continue with our writing, fulfill any resolutions we made last year, spend time with family, shop for presents, and a host of other demands that are being made on us every single waking moment of the day. But to be perfectly honest, I love it all. I love Christmas. It is my second favorite holiday of the year (preceded only by Easter). For some reason, I always feel invincible around this time of year. No matter what happens (death of family member, loss of job, illness, etc.), a smile always finds it's way onto my face and I remember what this holiday is really about.

Now why did I italicize illness? Well, apparently, I have shingles. Yay for me. It's really not that bad and I'm not suffering from all the symptoms that they name on the website. My muscles are a tad sore and there is one spot on my back where a rash has appeared. My husband, however, is freaking out like I have the plague. Unfortunately, he's never had chickenpox, so he's worried that I'm going to spread this illness to him before Christmas. And what does a loving wife do in such a situation? Why, she hikes up her shirt and waves her rash at him and chases him around the house! Good times. *wipes away tear* In my defense, I had this for a few days before I even figured out what it was. He even touched my adorable little rash. If he was going to get sick, it would have happened already.

But as I played this game with my husband, I realized that I have been sick for practically ever Christmas. This being the case, I came to wonder why on earth I feel invincible? Well, it's because this holiday helps to remind me that there are more important things going on than a cold, flu, or even shingles. All of the drama, illness, whatever, that I go through throughout the year seems pretty trivial in light of this wonderful holiday.

So on that note, I wish you all a very wonderful and blessed Christmas.

~Emily White


  1. Ugh! Shingles don't sound fun. I hope you get rid of them soon. Happy Holidays!

  2. They aren't as bad as that website would have you think. I think those symptoms are worst case scenario. But thank you very much! I hope I get rid of them soon, too! :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear you have shingles but that is hilarious about how you tortured your husband.



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