Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Bit About Me--Talking Vegetables, A Glass of Wine, and Other Things I Love

If you haven't heard of VeggieTales, what is wrong with you?? It is adorable! And sadly, I've been a fan since long before I became a mother. The writing is pure genius. I kid you not. One of my favorite movies in the series is Lord of the Beans with Toto Baggypants, Randalf, and...Sporks! Lead of course by the infamous Scaryman!

Really, people. Talking vegetables are cute. My favorite is none other than Bob the Tomato. I even made a Bob cake for Home Economics in high school. I used a sheet cake for the countertop and a baseball mold for Bob. Somehow, I was able to get the red and black frosting dark enough. I used the very expensive food coloring, and I used a LOT of it. I'm sure my teacher was not pleased. It wasn't until after I dumped the cake into the garbage (took too long to frost--very dry by the time I was done) that I thought to take a picture of it. Oh well.

I introduced my children to VeggieTales at an early age because the shows are very short and extremely educational. They don't talk down to kids like Teletubbies (sorry, I don't think we should be reinforcing baby gibberish when we're trying to develop communication skills), and they always reinforce respect and love for others. It's a great series! You should check it out.

Now on to other things I love...

Last night, I had a moment. It was one of those moments where you know that if you become famous, you'll tell everyone that's how you spent every evening writing your novel. I was sitting out on my covered porch on my brand new adirondack chair, sipping a glass of my favorite wine, waiting for a storm to roll through, and writing. It was perfect. I felt like a real writer, which is silly because those kinds of things have nothing to do with it, but it helped just the same. I had a similar experience when I started getting the Sunday newspaper. I felt like, " I'm an adult." It's funny how those things will do that to you.

I also love puppies and kittens, but don't have the patience to take care of them. I'm not a lover of cleaning up someone else's poop. I prefer cuddling with my friends' puppies and kittens, then giving them back when they start getting demanding.

What kinds of things do you guys love? And have you ever had one of those silly moments where you felt more like a real writer than usual?


  1. I never watched Veggie Tales growing up, but I do remember them. So cute. :)

    I don't have a lot of moments where I feel like I'm a real writer. Mostly, it's when I have spent hours at the laptop, and have written a page or two that I'm proud of.

  2. when i was in high school i worked at this daycamp where the curriculum was all veggietales. best. job. ever.

  3. Oh, my hairbrush?

  4. I think I feel the most like a serious writer when I'm sitting at the table instead of on the recliner, with a mug of tea. No real epiphany moments, unless, I actually manage to get the words to pour from my fingers rather than drip like molasses. I like molasses, but I like maple syrup better.

    I am so glad to be done with cleaning up my son's poo. My husband and I joke about how once you have kids (or pets), you can't get away from talking about bodily functions as if it was something people actually wanted to know.

  5. My husband and I saw Veggie Tales once and now we always sing this song we heard on it: "Barbara Manatee, you're the one for me...'

    Do you know it?

  6. Missed Periods--That is my favorite silly song! I always have it stuck in my head. *Barbara Manatee... Manatee! Manatee!*

    It's too adorable.

  7. I'm not exceedingly proud to say it, but I can sing most of the opening song--something about talking to tomatoes and waltzing with potatoes down the grocery aisle. But it is catchy and riddled with good lessons.

    Whenever I feel like a true writer I'm usually in an isolated bubble, sipping from a Starbucks cup with a computer on my lap or in one of those disconnected moments where a narrative inner voice is running through my mind, describing my surroundings like the voice over for J.D. in Scrubs.

    Those moments are fantastic, poignant with purpose. I love them!

  8. Riley--If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile, if you like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aiiisle! *wags eyebrows*

    Have we got a show for you!

    Yeah, that was from memory. You must never be ashamed! It's a great show! :D


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