Monday, January 10, 2011

SCBWI Conference in New York

I'm taking the plunge!  And I'm a bit terrified about it, too.

Talking to authors and agents online through the protective filter of my computer is a LOT easier than facing them in person.  No, I'm not talking terrifying in a giggly fan-girl way.  Believe it or not, dear readers, I'm actually a VERY shy person.  Talking to anyone in person gives me the fluttery butterflies in my tummy.


I'm also very excited.  One of my favorite authors ever, R.L. Stine, will be there, as well as this pretty spectacular list of agents and editors:

Ginger Clark

Dan Lazar

Jim McCarthy

Alessandra Balzer

Jennifer Besser

Alexandra Cooper

Jeannette Larson

Lisa Ann Sandell

How exciting!

So is anyone else taking the plunge with me?


  1. I'm a fairly social person and would LOVE to go! Unfortunately, the budget won't allow any conferences for a while. :(

    good luck, and I hope you enjoy it in spite of the terror.

  2. i'm super shy in person too!! i understand the fear! but RLSTINE!!!!! ohwow!!! and gingerclark has some excellent clients for sure!!! i hope you have so much fun!! do you know anyone going yet? that will help the nerves if you have a buddy to go with! you HAVE to tell us all about it! :)

  3. I wanted to, but I went to an NC conference in the fall instead. Wish I could go with you to this one too though.

  4. My good buddy Terry Towery is going. If memory serves, you two are at least acquainted through Bransforums if not bloggybuds. What's this? Oh, oui oui. He is on the friendsie follwer list to the right. I would have loved to go with him, but alas: poverty.

  5. RL Stine, how great. My daughters and I used to read him together, when they were in elementary school. He was the king of the fake page-turner. I mean, the chapter would end something like... "He heard a noise. A slithering, thudding sound that made goose bumps crawl up his arm. It made its way around the corner, and he turned to face it."

    And then you turn the page for the next chapter, and it says, "It was his mom, lugging a sack of potatoes in from the garden." or something silly like that. LOL

    I've never gone to a national conference, but I'd love to go with you or meet you there if I did!

  6. wow, I'm super excited for you, Emily.

    "Talking to anyone in person gives me the fluttery butterflies in my tummy."
    ah, I was like that before, but after becoming a professor and facing up to 100 people who are staring at you and listening to things you say and plus those things have to be wise because you're a professor :)) I just got used to it and I see it as a time when you have to be calm and relaxed because you are transmitting your positive energy to other people.

  7. Emily, how exciting! Go and have a fantastic time, and don't forget to make the most of the opportunity.


  8. If all else fails, you will have a fabulous weekend with lots of Juniors cheesecake! Plus I think your very outgoing sister will do her best to make things easier for you

  9. Me, me! I'll be there! With all my big hair, so I shouldn't be TOO hard to find! ;-)

    And I get the fluttery butterflies when I think about talking to agents, too. Especially when there are more than one of them and they clump together. Talk about intimidating.

    We should definitely try to meet. We can brave the agent-clumps together.


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