Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Curse Girl--A Review

Book Description: 

When her father tries to steal magic from the mysterious, beastly master of the "Curse House" outside her home town, seventeen-year-old Beauty is the one who becomes a prisoner of the Beast in reparation. Will isn't anything like she expected. He's the same age as she is, for one thing. He's also really handsome, contrary to local legend. Well, maybe the whole "beast" thing is meant to be metaphorical, because he's a total jerk.

Between the house's weird magic and Will's snobby attitude, the situation is nearly unbearable, and Beauty only wants to escape. But there are ... complications. The witch who cursed Will left him a riddle to solve and four years to figure it out. And now that Beauty's become a part of this messed up fairy tale, she'd better help Will figure out the riddle so they can break the curse, or she's going to remain a prisoner in the curse house too.

Because the four years are almost up.

What I liked:

I really don't know how to put into words what I liked about this book.  A few that come to mind are sweet, charming, and awww-inducing, but I find I'm at a loss to really put all those words into a coherent paragraph that will convince you to buy this book. 

The Curse Girl is essentially a cool glass of water on a very hot day.  It's refreshing.  And simple.  And really, very lovely. 

By the end of the book, you don't feel ready to tear one character's hair out or curse the MC for his/her all around foolishness.  There's none of that angsty drama that's so prevalent in so many YA books these days.  In fact, this is the kind of book you can put down after clicking to the last page and breathe a steady sigh.

So, what am I telling you?  I'm telling you I loved this book!  It's not like every other book out there where it's drama here!  Drama there!  Drama everywhere!  I mean, sure, it's a book, so there's some drama, but it's not drama for the sake of drama.  It works, and it's nice.  And Bee (Beauty) and Will are two characters you can really fall in love with.

What I didn't like:

Okay, you should know by now that I do this because I'm trying to be fair when reviewing books.  I rarely post a review of a book where this section is really very substantial, but I still like to add it so that you know I'm being honest with you. 

There were some very minor typo and inconsistency issues.  VERY minor.  They certainly weren't anything that should keep a person from purchasing and loving this book.  In fact, I'm very picky when it comes to stuff like that, so if I'm telling you it's okay, trust me.  It's okay.

What I would rate it:

4 stars!  (aka--go ahead and buy it!  You'll like it!)

And for your purchasing convenience, you can buy the kindle version here, the nook version here, and all other formats here.  To read the interview with the author, Kate Ellison, click here.

Have any of you read it yet?  If so, what did you think?


  1. oooh! i'm glad you liked it! go kate!!!

  2. It seems more books are being written with drama for the sake of drama--it's nice to know there's a book out there that doesn't have that! Thanks for the review. :)

  3. Hmm, I might have to give that a try. :D

  4. Jaleh--You really should. It definitely seems like your kind of book. :)


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