Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration and the Many Places We Find It

Firstly, though, all things must die. And my computer decided last week was the time to do it. So, no Ron, that mysterious ticking noise was NOT a pipe bomb. It was my hard drive.

Secondly, I received my latest copy of the scbwi bulletin in the mail last week! For those of you who aren't members of scbwi or aren't familiar with scbwi, it's a great resource for children's book writers and illustrators. Not only are there conferences (local, regional, and national), you get access to grants, a special scbwi forum, and other nice little things to help with your career. I highly suggest you think about joining.

Well, like I said, I received their latest bulletin in the mail last week and as I was reading it while eating my breakfast, I came across a particularly inspiring article. It was titled, "Hunt for Inspiration to Jumpstart Creativity," by Tami Traylor.

Ms. Traylor listed some very good ideas on how to spark your creativity. My favorite was "Go Antiquing." Wow. What an idea! I've heard the suggestion to look at pictures or go visit new places, but go antiquing...that REALLY piques my interest. Can you imagine what unique things you might find and how they could shape a story? Imagine writing a book centered around an old vase or a beautiful dress.

Another suggestion she made was to go on a trip and mentioned how J.K. Rowling came up with Harry Potter by taking a long ride on a train.

She had some more, amazing suggestions, but I was wondering if any of you do anything to inspire you. Do you look at old pictures? How about visiting downtown and watching everyone as they walk by?


    I can't stop laughing!!!!
    go voldemort!
    can't... breathe...

    anyway, antiquing is a GREAT idea! pics, music, other stories, people i meet, people i observe, dreams... lots of things inspire!


  2. Well....
    1. I love to observe things. Maybe I'll be sitting down having lunch somewhere, listening to someone's converation (I can't help it!!!), and I'll here something that will get me inspired.
    2. Music. Music, music, and more music. A lot of the time it's the tune of a song, not just the words, that inspire me.

    Antiquing is interesting, I never thought of that. . .Thanks!~Elizabeth

  3. I let my mind wander a lot and then I also write down my dreams. Crazy stuff in dreams.

    I'm with Leslie and Elizabeth too. I listen to conversations and watch people. I'll also watch the mechanics behind things and situations

  4. Yes! The SCBWI is great. I've belonged to it for many years, and go to their conferences and retreats. For inspiration? I dunno. I always seem to have a Shiny New Idea on the back burner, but music is a good inspiration. :)

  5. accept my condolences for the computer :( He was a nice chap and we shall remember him forever :)

  6. I sit in the hot tub...that's all it takes. Five minutes in and the idea's start to flow. :)

  7. I simply find one word, after I find that one word poof off I go and rhyme up a show. With everything else the idea just forms and off I go once more, no real rhyme or reason to it.

  8. I do a lot of things. Old pictures, old music, old movies, old people. LOL! No really, old people have the greatest stories.

    But really, I never lack in inspiration. I simply lack in motivation...and time. ;-)


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