Friday, March 16, 2012

Cover Reveal for Perfection, by J.L Spelbring!

As you know (or may not, but should), Spencer Hill Press is growing by leaps and bounds! Take a look at this amazing book by one of the newest authors to join the ranks:

The personification of Aryan purity, Ellyssa's spent her whole life under her creator's strict training and guidance; her purpose is to eradicate inferior beings. She was genetically engineered to be the perfect soldier: strong, intelligent, unemotional, and telepathic.

Only Ellyssa isn't perfect.

Ellyssa feels emotions--a fact she's spent her life concealing. Until she encounters the epitome of inferiority: a dark-haired boy raised among renegades hiding since the Nazis won the war a century ago. He speaks to her telepathically, pushing thoughts into her mind, despite the impossibility of such a substandard person having psychic abilities. 

But he does. 

His unspoken words and visions of a place she's never visited make Ellyssa question her creator. Confused and afraid her secret will be discovered, Ellyssa runs away, embarking on a journey where she discovers there is more to her than perfection.

Perfection releases May 7, 2013

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  1. Awesome cover! Sounds like a fantastic story as well.

  2. The cover graphics match the books premise...PERFECT! :)

  3. Very cool cover, especially the butterfly image in the eye.

  4. Pretty incredible cover and story line.... very interesting.

  5. Perfection sounds interesting and the cover is so cool!


  6. Hi Emily, just stopping by to tag you. Love your book!

  7. How did I NOT know about this book! *runs to email SHP...hehe



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