Monday, March 5, 2012

My Teenage Heartthrobs!!

Today is the day! The day where we put up those gorgeous pictures of our teen crushes. To have a looksie at all the other participants, click the links on the blog hop linky to the right or visit fellow hostesses Vic Caswell and Sarah Ahiers.

Here are my top seven picks (from bottom to top)!!


Oh yeah, baby, he most certainly was a fresh prince. ;)


Mmmm...Rider Strong. Questionable name aside, he was gorgeous and graced my walls for many years.


Seaquest was on my tv every week and it wasn't because of the talking dolphin. Jonathan Brandis was the reason I sat through a stupid movie like Ladybugs.


I actually had this exact poster of Devon Sawa on my ceiling. I woke up to his beautiful face every morning. :)


Prince William. He's gorgeous. He's a prince. What more could a girl want?


I honestly didn't know if I should put Elijah Wood on the number two slot or go ahead and name him my favorite. Honestly, I still kind of have a crush on him. Just look at those eyes. I feel like he's staring deep into my soul.


This boy right here is the reason Elijah Wood didn't make number one. I was obsessed with Elden Henson from the moment I first saw this scene on The Mighty Ducks. If I could have met just one of my crushes, this is the boy I'd pick. Every boy I ever liked in middle school and high school looked like him one way or another.

How about you, dear readers? Who were your crushes?

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  1. Hah! I never really considered Frodo a hearthrob, but there is certainly something about those eyes.

  2. Rider Strong & Devon Sawa made my lists too. Loved them. I was a huge Mighty Ducks fan but I preferred Joshua Jackson over Elden Henson, though there is something about Elden.

  3. Elijah Wood is such a cutie. His eyes, yes. And high five for Jonathan Brandis!! Samesies!

  4. Yay for mighty ducks! It was filmed here, so it was always a big deal because people you knew had relatives who were extras in the movie. CRAZY!
    And man, i love Elijah Wood. Who wouldn't want to marry him?

  5. I'm seeing Elijah a lot today, lol. Honestly, the first thing I saw him in was LOTR, then in Spy Kids. Not his hottest roles IMO, lol.

    Maybe I need to watch the Faculty and actually watch him and not Josh Hartnet.

    Oh gosh, Josh Hartnet, I completely forgot about you till now.


  6. Oh, Rider Strong. You have the name of either a porn star or a fantasy character.

    Like a couple people on my list, Prince William has not aged well...

    And maybe it's just because I'm from MN, but Mighty Ducks is hella awesome. Joshua Jackson will always be Charlie from MD to me. And I'm not even much of a hockey fan...

    elijah should have been number 1. he should ALWAYS be number one!
    devon sawa was on my list but cut for some others. will smith- yes oh yes! brandis- :( though i argue about ladybugs it had one of my celebrity look-a-likes (rodney dangerfield) so it was awesome, obvs.

    and FULTON!!!
    heeheehee! :)

    can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!
    (you know my house is going to be a mess, right?)

  8. Elden certainly has an unusual face!!! Kind of cool. Personally, I think Prince Harry is cuter than his dad. I like red-headed guys. I'm #5 on the bloghop. Cheers!

  9. Wait...what was wrong with LADYBUGS?! :o)

  10. Oh, Prince William. Nowadays I think his brother is much cuter (the bad boy attitude helps, of course), but he was such a hottie. I might have to add him to my honorable mentions ;)

  11. That's two Elijah Woods (which makes me giggle for some reason) and two Boy Meets World (which Vic posted a now picture of him and WOW). This is fun :)

  12. lol some of those made it to my list too :) I had issues bringing it down to 7 people.

  13. Ah, yes! Will Smith! Yummy! Great list!

  14. Elija Wood really does have amazing eyes. They're just so bright and penetrating.

  15. I first saw Elijah on FOREVER YOUNG with Mel Gibson and Jaime Lee Curtis. He was and still is so cute! :)

  16. Nice list! Thx for hosting this blogfest. It was fun!!!

  17. I remember when I first saw Will Smith as Fresh Prince in Parents Just Don't Understand. LOL Great list!

  18. Okay, I don't know half these boys - but they're very pretty :-)

  19. Great list (I don't know many of them, but thanks for bringing their hotness to my attention :) ) x

  20. What is it with those center-parted, curtain-like mop of a hairstyle that attracted us girls so much in those days? :/ I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with Elijah Wood. He will forever be a Hobbit in my mind! But Prince William was a royal cutey.

  21. OMG JONATHAN BRANDIS!! I forgot about him!! I adored him. And Prince William, who was dangerously close to making my list as well! (my husband even looks a bit like him, which I heard a LOT about last year when Wills got married. especially because my husband was out of town that weekend and everyone was like, riiiight... he's getting married, that's why. haha)

  22. Prince William was definitely one of my crushes. And Leo Dicaprio!



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