Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Bit About Me--I'm a Wiener...I mean winner...

And apparently a funny one at that! Go figure.

Last week, Justine Dell hosted a little contest where a few of us submitted the worst one line pitches we could think up, and I proved to be the worst of the worst. Am I honored? Of course. I got the shock of my life when people actually seemed to think it was funny! I kid you not, dear readers, I was VERY close to emailing Justine to tell her to forget my line. I thought it was just plain dumb and I was about to humiliate myself in front everyone with something that didn't even resemble humor.

Judge for yourself:

"This dude meets this zombie/vampire/werewolf/mermaid girl and he's totally like whoa."

Well, when the votes started coming in, I decided to give my husband a looksie, and he thought it was hilarious! I'm still shocked. To be honest, I thought for sure that Cat Yack* was going to win. I wrote in the comments that my rib was starting to hurt from all the laughing, and I wasn't lying. You see, my husband beats me. Hehehe! No, not really. I just tease him about it all the time. I like to wrestle and he forgets that he's so much stronger than me. Well, when we were playing around a few weeks ago, I swear he dislocated one of my ribs when he gave me a bear hug. Now, whenever I get into a serious laughing fit, I have trouble breathing and moving all day. I really should get it checked out.

Anyway, I guess I'm just good at writing horrible, horrible things. And now, I'm looking forward to reading my signed copy of "Love and The Body," by Dave Malone. Plus my nifty little bookmark with a four leaf clover! I have never, ever seen one before so I'm really excited. Thanks, Justine!

Oh, and you may have wondered where I was during my regular blogging schedule yesterday! Well, I wasn't blogging. It was HOT, like 90 degrees outside, so I was lounging by my sister's pool. It was bliss.

So I'm thinking of posting an Award's Show tomorrow to make up for yesterday! Check it out to see if you won!

~Emily White

*If you are unaware of Justine's awesome contest, click the links given to see what it was all about!


  1. I think your entry is absolutely hilarious: it both pokes fun at the paranormal plotlines and gives an awesome voice. :)

  2. Thanks, Justine! I'm sure I will!

  3. Thanks, Sandy! That's what I was going for! I just never thought people would appreciate my humor! :D

  4. Congrats! It was a really fun contest and your entry was great!

  5. an AWESOME line!

  6. let me rephrase--your one liner was really funny...and so are you, obviously, because that bit about your rib being dislocated was cracking me up!!

  7. Congrats! It was really funny! And that bit about your rib being dislocated had me laughing. Thanks!

  8. Thanks everyone! It's good to know that others besides myself enjoy my humor. Shocking, but good. :D


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