Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Do You Do It?

Creepy Query Girl left an interesting comment on yesterday's post that got me thinking. Just how do we find the time to write a 100k word book (give or take a few thousand)? With rare exceptions, most writers are not independently wealthy bachelors/bachelorettes without a care in the world. We have jobs and families who demand our attention, leaving us with piddly few hours left in the day to write a word or two down.

So how does it get done?

Quite frankly, I often come out of a haze after writing, surprised at how much I'd gotten done with the short time I had. So, I can't really tell you what my secret is. All I know is I sit down, turn on my writing music, and a few hours later, there are 3,000 or so pretty new words on the screen. I can think of one thing that really helps out: a great husband who's willing to give me the whole weekend to work. I would NEVER get anything done without him. He's a lifesaver.

Now you tell me: what do your writing habits look like? Do you have a designated time each and every day, or do you just take it when you can?

~Emily White


  1. i try to write after work, in the 1-2 hours before anyone else gets home.

  2. I'm the same way, I have an idea and I let it marinate for for a week or so, let my ideas get organized and then I go for it. I sit down and open up my laptop, I write anywhere from 3-6K words in one sitting. I finish in under 2 months if the ideas just keep flowing, which for the Travelers story, my current WIP the words flew nonstop for 5 weeks, until I finished and then cried my eyes out! LOL

  3. all regular waking hours in my house are dedicated to the kids, hubby, and job. so i have to turn sleeptime into writing time. most of my work gets done between 9pm and 1am. then it's up at 6 for the next day. :)


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