Thursday, May 3, 2012

Elemental Has Broken Amazon

This week has been fantastic so far! Thanks to everyone for all your support and congrats and spreading the news. Seriously, this is sooooo amazing and it's thanks to all of you.

Here's the scoop so far:

Elemental has overwhelmed Amazon. LOL!

There's been some issues with paperback orders on the site (And I firmly believe it's because you guys are AWESOME), but the kindle version is still available!

But if you just absolutely MUST have a lovely, paper in-your-hands copy, you can order one directly off the Spencer Hill Press website.

UPDATE: I just checked out Amazon and paperback copies are again available! I'd highly suggest you DON'T purchase the one that's going for $888. I'm pretty sure that's not a good site. I don't know that for sure, but anything over $12 or $15 is ridiculous. And just remember that if anything like this happens again, the book is always available on the SHP website. Thanks for your patience!!


Some great things have been happening! Elemental hit the top 100 list in kindle sales in three different categories in the first day! And it's still going strong!


Just wow.

You guys awe me. I don't even know what to say to all that. You've left me speechless.

But you know what this means, right? I'll definitely be dancing at the end of the ShareAthon Giveaway (which you should enter if you haven't already. I'm giving away 5 signed copies of Elemental for you to share with your friends!)

If we get to the top 10 I'll do my famous lawn mower dance in the video!!! And the sprinkler!!


I've hit the top 5 in the Goodreads 2012 Debut Authors list!!!!!! Which means I have to keep my promise of an amazing giveaway!! Boy, it's just non-stop partying over here. I love it!!

Thank you, again, to everyone! Please continue to spread the word to friends, family, online. I really, REALLY appreciate it. You, dear readers, are a-ma-zing. True story. :)

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  1. Emily with stats like that, maybe it is worth $888 :) I can't wait for the dancing video!!!!

  2. Congratulations and well done. Great cover too.

  3. Hey emily i tried to send you a purchase copy of my amazon order to this email but it won't take it. it keeps sending back saying no address exist. Can you help. Joannie jscddmj [at] aol[dot] com

  4. Congratulations! That's really awesome. I'm eagerly awaiting payday to get my copy :)

  5. Way cool Emily :) That is exciting.


  6. That's amazing, Emily! Congratulations!! You deserve it; Elemental is a great book.

    Michelle :)
    PODs, June 4, 2013

  7. The crazy pricing stuff usually happens when two competing stores have automated algorithms for setting price relative to one another. It can be fun to watch even though obviously no-one is going to buy at that price! :) I think mine maxxed out at about £10,000.....


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