Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Waking Up In a Cold Sweat


That's how many emails I still have to get through...

Kill me now, please.

Okay, so in further news! Since I missed Monday due to Memorial Day (Yes, I'd been out celebrating with my family--I have to, otherwise the day just makes me depressed*), I'm not going to be doing a food post today.

There are some things coming up that I wanted to share with everyone

1. I'm going to BEA! I'll be at booth #4447, signing copies of Elemental, on June 6th from 10:00-11:00. If you're going, please stop by and say hello!

2. The wonderful Kendra Saunders at Spencer Hill Press has organized a day of Elemental love on June 1st.  If you haven't read Elemental yet and you want to, or you have read it and you haven't reviewed it, or you just want to share some love in other ways, this Friday is the day to do it. We're asking that everyone who's interested will talk about Elemental in some way, shape, or form on June 1st. Review it on amazon, B&N, goodreads, whatever's your favorite place. And if you haven't read it yet, the kindle and nook versions are only $5.99!!

I'll also be doing a live video chat that night at 8:00pm (EST) for anyone who wants to talk about the book, just talk to me in general, anything at all!

3. While waiting on edits for FAE, I've been working on a couple other projects. One is a paranormal romance and the other is a Pride and Prejudice meets magic realism type story. I'll be working on the pitches and queries for the next few days and would love to share them with all of you on Friday. Hopefully you could give me some feedback?? 

4. That's it!! Nothing new and exciting has been going on with me (other than the three things I already mentioned) How about you guys??

*And no, I'm not talking badly about soldiers or anything. I am one. I fought in a war. I married a man I met during a deployment. I love soldiers. That's the problem. I've lost battle buddies. I feel connected to every soldier who's ever lived and fought for this country. 


  1. Ah! I'll try to stop by and say HI at BEA--I'll be signing from 11-12 that day (booth #2663). See you there!

  2. you are sooooo going to have the rocking-est week! :)

  3. Have fun at BEA!!!! And I'll find some way to participate on June 1st. :)

  4. Here's another email for you! Lucky you :)

    Have a ton of fun!!!

  5. oh man! I bet you have a super awesome time at BEA!!

  6. Lots of exciting stuff going on for you! I'll try to remember to make it to the online things.

  7. Look through emails, start deleting anything that's not necessary to read. Then delete anything from me. Only answer the few that are left.

    Sorry about your Monday.

  8. Have fun at BEA. I'll try and stop by to give you feedback on your pitches and queries. Sounds like fun! :D

  9. Hi Emily,

    I'm Lucia. I wanted to let you know that I've received the book I won over at Kathy's blog. Thanks so much for it! I'll be reviewing it soon!


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