Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ARCs are Being Sold on Ebay

Shannon Messenger mentioned on FB yesterday that someone had been selling ARCs of Keeper of the Lost Cities (copies they received at BEA on good faith!) on Ebay.

This is disgusting.

I had no idea that people were this low. It says not for sale in bold letters and in numerous places, for crying out loud.

So I did a search of my own, using the list of books I received at BEA. There are a few listed on ebay. It's time we started a neighborhood watch! We need to look out for our fellow writers.

So if you know any of these writers personally, please help me by warning them. Yeah, google alerts should let them know, but I use google alerts and I can tell you right now it doesn't work perfectly.

Also, I'm sharing this list to HELP these writers. If you use the information I'm giving you to acquire an ARC of your own through nefarious means, I might just have to hunt you down and kill you. Well, not really kill you. But it won't be pleasant.

ARCs being sold on Ebay:

Crewel, by Gennifer Albin (there is a bid placed on this one, so please warn the author quickly)
Prodigy, by Marie Lu
Fathomless, by Jackson Pearce
The Spindlers, by Lauren Oliver
Ashen Winter, by Mike Mullin
Wake, by Amanda Hocking (several copies of this are being sold, so please warn the author quickly)
The Diviners, by Libba Bray (several copies and several bids placed, so please warn the author quickly)

I'll be keeping watch and letting the authors know, but please do your own search, too! We need to get this to stop. And if you know any of these authors personally, PLEASE help me to warn them.

Neighborhood watchers unite!


  1. Disgusting. This happens every year after BEA so I'm not surprised, just angered. If you don't want the arc pass it along to another blogger who might like it.


  2. I think the Do Not Sell notices on ARCs will make them even more desirable on ebay.

  3. This really pisses me off. For one thing, I really wanted this ARC, but couldn't make it to BEA, and for whatever reason got turned down by S&S. Now, I have a pretty popular blog, plus I have a MG aged child, AND I blog at Project Mayhem, a pretty popular MG Blog. Now I certainly don't blame Shannon or S&S, but to the jerks who are gaming the system:

    Thanks a lot! I would've loved to read this book, shared it with my daughter, and then told everyone I know on the internet how great it is. But no, you had to make a few extra bucks. I hope it was worth the price of airfare.

    1. Hey Matt--btw--I don't know if you've been "turned down". As far as I know, the big mailings for blogger ARCs won't happen until closer to release (like around the 2 month-to-release range. So you may still get one!!!

    2. Ooh, sweet. I'm also trying to bribe a friend who will be at ALA. So maybe there's hope.

  4. Is there a rule against this on EBay, in the same sense that you can't sell leaked music before the release?

  5. *shakes head* *looks up, attempts to comment on those a-holes* *just shakes head again*

  6. Uggggh. Stupid people. Kind of makes me want to hunt them down, steal all of their ARCs, and read, review, and pass them on to my fellow bloggers myself. I mean, if they're gonna be stupid about them, clearly their ARCs should be taken away.

    ~Gina Blechman

  7. What asses. I really don't know jack about ebay. Is there a way to make a complaint or something?
    And google alerts is a POS. It never alerts me.

  8. Grr. People suck. They should try WRITING a book before trying to make a profit off one they didn't even pay for. Maybe then they'd realize how hard the author worked!

  9. Thanks for getting the word out Emily. This needs to be stopped for sure!

  10. This awful. One way to get "rid" your ARCs safely (and soundly) is to give them to another reader, whether it s a teen, parent or local librarian. :-) This definitely needs to be stopped!!!

  11. This is really horrible. I posted (and linked your post) to help get the word out.

  12. Aw, thank you so much for the support Emily! Here's hoping we can shame these jerks into stopping!

  13. Low life's exist everywhere...even in the publishing world! I've heard of this before.

  14. People like that are disgusting.

    I just typed in the keywords 'arc' and 'uncorrected proofs' under Children & Young Adults fiction...

    And found these:

    Venom by Fiona Paul
    Starling by Lesley Livingston
    Altered by Jennifer Rush
    Erasing Time by C.J. Hill
    Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel
    The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles de Lint
    Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
    Throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas
    Demons by Heather Frost
    What's Left Of Me by Kat Zhang
    Origin by Jessica Khoury
    The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George
    Princess Academy Palace of Stone by Shannon Hale

    I looked at some of these sellers' feedback... all they do is sell ARCs on Ebay :/

  15. Wow, this is terrible. How can we stop it?

  16. Ugh. I'm going to put the SHP reviewer list up against the eBay seller names. Anyone in both places will be BLACKLISTED FOREVER.

    That'll show 'em.

  17. You fail to explain how the sale of these ARCs in any way harms the author. You never expected revenue from them, else why give them away? And even a line on EBay, not to mention this and other posts, generates free publicity about your upcoming novel. Plus, if it's as good as it sounds, people might buy it, read it, and tell their reading friends about it. Word of mouth. I think you're over-reacting to something that's been going on a long, long time.


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