Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Tales From BEA

Wow, it's already 10:00. Sorry about that, guys. :o

You see, I actually get up pretty early (somewhere around 6 or 7) and I tend to get a little carried away with doing other things before I open up my computer.

This morning (and actually, the past few mornings), I've been dealing with this:

This picture does not adequately portray the mess my living room is in, but it's a start. That big open space is my walking path.

This pile only includes my YA and MG titles. My adult pile is even bigger. :o 
By the way, if you look at that picture closely, you can see doubles of some books and figure out which ones I'll be giving away after I complete my tales of BEA series of posts.

So, I promised the Tale of the Missing Display Copy today. It's actually my favorite story to tell because it is SO ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, I'M STILL IN SQUEE MODE!!!!!


So I went through all my copies of Elemental (which is sooo awesome--you guys are AMAZING!) a little bit before my hour ended. My hubs and I decided we'd start milling around, looking for some good books. Well, right next to the SHP booth was the Horror Writers Association booth and who did we happen to see signing books?? Jonathan Maberry. Yeah, the bestselling and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Rot & Ruin, Dust & Decay, Patient Zero, etc. Huge HUGE squee moment!

Well, we got in the line and I was so excited! I started wondering if I should introduce myself when it was my turn to get a signed copy of his book. You see, we're facebook friends in that way that a lot of people are facebook friends. He MIGHT have known I existed in some abstract way like he's seen my bio pic from time to time. 

When the person ahead of me stepped up, I decided I would NOT introduce myself. There was no way he'd remember me. The guy has over 5,000 fb friends. I'd only embarrass the both of us if I asked if he recognized me.

The person ahead of me went on her merry way and I stepped up with the biggest grin ever. This was so huge. And what does he do???

He says he wanted to get in my line for a signed copy of Elemental, but it was too long...

He then explained he'd promised a family member that he'd grab a copy of my book and then asked if I had any more left...

Of course, I didn't. Oh man, you have NO idea how much I wished I'd brought a copy of my own for just this moment. But, obviously, I never anticipated something like this actually happening.

I had to tell him they were all gone and then I walked like a zombie over to the SHP booth to tell everyone over there what had just happened. They insisted I grab the display copy off the bookshelf and give it to him. 


One of the most amazing moments of my life.

Stop back on Friday for more tales of BEA!!


  1. OH my goodness...that is SOOOOOOO cool!!! I prolly would have just fainted right then.


  2. Straight Ballin. You too cool, Emily White.

  3. You are just soo awesome Emily!!!! Lucky girl. You get books before they're released and once they have a copy! I don't think you had a copy ogpf some books I would've wanted (Wake & Crewel) oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I'd love to attend BEA someday. It sounds awesome.

  5. Oh my goodness gravy! That is so cool! What an awesome thing to happen!

    Also, I'm so jealous of that big pile of YA books *_*
    (I wants the precioussses)

  6. Aww! How sweet is that?! I love his books!

  7. That rates pretty high on the coolness meter! :)

  8. Holy crap!! That is so awesome, Emily!!

  9. New follwer, found through A-Z Road Trip

  10. What does squee mean?


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