Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Falcor

Welcome back! Today I'll be talking about another one of my great loves.

Back in the day when people used to record movies on video tapes, I had this one. It was a bad copy with all the commercials (because we got it off the tv--obviously--when they played it during some kind of fundraising special) and half of it had the audio of the movie we'd recorded over. It was at just about Falcor's entrance that the audio switched over to The Neverending Story (the other movie was some Rodney Dangerfield flick).

Oh man, that was my favorite part. And I played that movie every day and memorized every word (even the ones I couldn't hear).

Falcor was like a great big, fuzzy best friend.

And boy did I wish I could write a book that would come to life. I started thinking that maybe if I could find a secret school attic and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and apple with a really cool-looking journal, it might just happen. Because as much as I loved reading, I loved writing even more. I wanted to write the next great book.

And I wanted my characters to pop out of the fantasy world and take me with them on some crazy adventures.

How about you guys? Did you love Falcor and the whole Neverending Story gang?


  1. I don't think I have ever seen this movie.

    1. O.O You need to get on that now! You will thank me. Oh yes you will. :D

  2. Now that brings back some memories! :)

  3. Never seen Neverending Story. Always meant to but...

  4. I haven't seen this, but he looks awfully adorable!

    Have a great weekend :)

  5. I loved that movie too. We had it on VHS. I'm going to buy it for my children someday.

  6. I've never seen this. Visiting from A to Z Challenge. Good luck on your journey.

    Mary Montague Sikes

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  8. I don't remember that movie as much as I wish I did. I read the book again the last year or so, though, and really enjoyed it.

    Carol's Notebook

  9. I actually have a 17 year old daughter who loves this movie. If you've ever seen a cat trying to hack up a furball, they extend their next straight out and I always said that it looked like Falcor.

  10. I've never seen this movie but love Falcor just from his pic! He does seem like a fuzzy best friend. And it was fun to be taken back to the time of VCRs! :)

  11. Hannah has just discovered this, so we've watched it like four times in the past two days. I can almost recite it verbatim.

  12. I liked Falcor, but when those things on his back popped, it gave me the chills. Still does just thinking about it. haha.

  13. I also love a great adventure and I find myself lost in many movies especially the Lord of the Rings series. In life I have had many experiences that have led me on an amazing journey to find my self-worth that I have just released in my memoir Under the Staircase: Hearing God's Voice in the Darkness available at Life is the biggest adventure of all!

  14. O.M.G. The Neverending Story. Wow. Haven't thought of that one in ages. LOVED LOVED LOVED that movie. Watched it countless times, and I can't even begin to tell you how often I ran through the woods pretending to be on Falcor's back.

    Wow. Great memories this morning!!! I think you may have inspired my muse...

    Terri @ Scribbler’s Sojourn
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