Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for "How You Doin'?"

Back today with another love...

Yup. I watched Friends growing up. I loved it and Joey was my favorite. I'm not ashamed to admit I also had a Central Perk t-shirt.

Did you watch this show? Which character was your favorite?


  1. I watched Friends although I didn't follow the show religiously. I guess my favorite characters would be Monica and Phoebe- Monica for her intensity and Phoebe for her bohemian ways.

  2. I suppose my favourite character would have to be Chandler, with Joey a close second.

    And my favourite episode is "The One Where No One's Ready" when Joey and Chandler are arguing over a chair :)

    "The cushions are the essence of the chair!"


  3. I jump back and watch past episodes when I just need a break from life. Didn't follow them diligently but enjoy the show.

  4. I watched every episode from beginning to end. Loved it. I enjoyed Phoebe.

    Dropping by from A to Z. It's my first year participating.

    Brett Minor
    Transformed Nonconformist

  5. I loved friends!! I kind of lost touch with the last few seasons though (I hate it when that happens). I think at one point or another each character was my favourite, except maybe Ross :(

    Have fun with a-z.

  6. Such a gorgeous blog! I'm a first time visitor from the A to Z challenge. Great H. I loved Friends, and always love to catch a good rerun. Enjoy I through Z.

    H = Handy Hyperbole

  7. I really liked Ross and Phoebe. They were characters who really knew how to turn a situation from funny to hilarious.

  8. My fav was chandler bing with his third nipple. And I owned a CD of the theme song!


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