Friday, November 6, 2009

Let's Talk

So I haven't been feeling 100% for the past few days (one of the reasons I didn't post anything on Wednesday). Don't worry, no flu for me, but I have been feeling a bit stressed out. I don't exactly know why, but the feelings are there and my body is being affected accordingly. So I thought it might be nice to have a bit of a breather post where I catch all you lovely people up on what's going on with me.

Things with Aurumenas are going well. I have plans to be completely finished with it by the end of the year *crosses fingers.* Yes I know, that may seem ambitious, but if I allow myself an undetermined amount of time to revise it, I'll never finish. I'm going to give it a thorough once over and send it out. And to whom might I send it, you ask? Well I haven't spoken of it much, but I'm in a talkative mood, so I'll just let you guys in on a secret. My number one agent of choice and who I've been researching for a little over a year now, making contact with, etc. is none other than Nathan Bransford himself. Yes. Him. I've gone through a lot of agents' blogs and researched the books they've taken on already and have decided that Nathan is most suited to my personality and my book. So that leads into what I'm doing next...

Creating the most spectacular query letter the world has ever seen! Haha! Now that I think about it, maybe this is why I'm stressed out. I could use the help. Yeah, this is definitely what is making me stress out because Nathan is the only agent I want. I don't just want to be represented, I want to be represented by him. So what happens if I don't get him? Well there are plenty of other spectacular agents out there, but this is a business and I want to work with someone I will be comfortable enough to really talk to. Nathan exudes that type of personality. However, should luck not befall me, I still need the most spectacular query letter the world has ever seen to get an equally talented agent! Yes. Stress. Much stress.

I also have a few short stories out that I'm hoping and praying will find publication in the markets I sent them to because... they are markets approved by SFWA! And gaining admittance into SFWA will help me create the most spectacular query letter the world has ever seen! Are we getting the pattern yet?

So this is what's going on with me. I'm also trying to network with other writers and potential readers because, guys, I need this blog to look as equally spectacular as the query letter I will send. And how do I do this? With your help. If a white girl might be so bold to say, you guys are my peeps. I love that you follow me and I appreciate every comment you leave. Seriously, if I didn't have your pretty little pictures or faces smiling at me whenever I signed on, I might give up on this whole blog thing. But instead, I'm excited to do it! So thank you! I have master plans and with your help, I will see them through! :)

By the way! Next week we'll be having Tuesday's Trivia! Woohoo! But before that, of course, will be Monday's Myths. Don't forget to check in!

~Emily White


  1. :( I'm sorry to hear about your cold. Although I do understand. The first few days in Iraq, I was knocked out.

  2. yes , its Tera aka teradactylinflight , my nick name , well teradactyl is. I've just recently been studying Paganism the Godessess Persophone, I know that was mispelled and the Earth Goddesses and Chakra or should I say achieving it. Like I said just started studying and cannot take my eyes of anything on the web that tells information about subjects like this. So I am excited, have added you to my blog, and to WD community , talk to you soon...!


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