Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh Happy Days!

Yes, dear friends, Emily is very happy this morning. Why? you ask. Well, there's really many reasons for a happy Emily, but the main reason is that I am truly excited about my writing.

I've been a member of the new Writer's Digest Community for a few weeks now and recently, while critiquing a fellow member's first chapter, I realized that I had truly grown in my craft since I started writing Aurumenas just a little over a year ago. While trying to explain voice (something I just recently grasped) and the different ways to use it for different POVs to this member, my progress was glaring me in the face. Let me show you:

"Susan gave a smirk before walking out the door. Jared picked up a vase and smashed it against the floor. (No distinct voice)


Susan gave a smirk before walking out the door.

Dammit! Dammit! He wanted to kill her. He wanted to wring her little neck! How dare she walk out on him. He picked up a vase and threw it against the floor, imagining all the broken shards were her fragile, shattered skull. (Third limited)


Feeling quite pleased with herself, Susan gave a smirk before walking out the door.

Jared gave a good show by throwing a vase against the floor, imagining all the little pieces were her shattered skull, but the action was laughable and brought him no closer to getting her back. (Omniscient)

The funny thing is that up until a couple months ago, I would have thought the first example was perfectly fine! I mean, I am showing what happened rather than just saying that Jared was furious. But now I realize that it is rather blah and doesn't give the reader a chance to really connect with the narrator, whoever he/she may be.

Having tangible evidence that I am improving makes me excited to see what my writing will be like in the future, because to be honest, I really don't see an end to my growth. I know that some day I'll look back at my first works with the same horror that I look at my creative writing pieces from high school, but that's okay because that will mean that I've come a long way. Maybe some day I won't have to look at a novel by Card, Heinlein, etc. and think "boy I wish I could write like that" because I will.

How about you? Any startling epiphanies for you lately? Feel free to share!

~Emily White


  1. No epiphanies here, but I'm thrilled that you're so happy! I love it when my writer friends get excited about their work:)

  2. Thanks for your comments, ladies! It's so nice being able to share my excitement with my writer friends! :)

  3. That's brilliant, Emily. I'm so glad to hear that your progressing and feeling positive about all the things you're learning about the craft of writing.

    I haven't written much in the last week and it's making me edgy but I get excited when I read over my chapters and notice character traits I didn't remember putting in. Some things we do subconsciously, knowing it's the write way to go, but not realising we're doing it.



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