Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Short Little Update

As I hinted at on Friday, my normal schedule (for the time being) is going out the window. In order to be done with Aurumenas by the end of the year, I need every single moment I can get for writing. And unfortunately, the research for Monday's Myths typically takes all my spare time.

For any who are interested, everything is coming along on schedule--due greatly to the fact that I do very little else but revise (and play with my kids, of course). The two short stories I've submitted for publication have been out for over thirty days--a very good thing, I gather, from what I've read on the websites concerning response times. One of these magazines happens to be SFWA approved. *crosses fingers*

Not much other than this. For the time being, I'm keeping all of my attention on Aurumenas. In January, I'll polish up my query and send it out. I'll also begin work on a few shorts that I've been wanting to start as well as a new novel (this one's a little hush, hush).

So, my friends, have a loverly day! I'll give you another update on Friday.

~Emily White

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