Friday, November 20, 2009

Writing, Writing, Writing...

With my goal to be completely done with Aurumenas by the end of the year, you better believe I'm super busy lately! There are days where I'll sit at my computer to work on my book only to reach 2:00 in the afternoon and realize I have not yet showered. Yeah, not good. With that in mind, I realize that I haven't been the reliable blogger that I should be. But it's all for good reasons, my friends!

I have goals that must be kept and my master plan is coming along beautifully! In January, I promise, everything will be back to normal. Maybe. I'll keep you updated! ;)

~Emily White


  1. Good luck with Aurumenas. I totally understand the shower comment. I'm trying to finish up Web by the end of this year, too...although my definition of finish and yours are probably different in this instance. You're still writing the first draft, right? I assume that you mean, finish the first draft. I'm trying to get Web ready for querying by 2010. Time to let the birdie fly from the nest. Seriously.

  2. Oh no, Lydia, I mean DONE. As in, querying in January. I am seriously working my butt off. First draft is done and the revising is coming along nicely. Wish me luck! :)

  3. Oh...sweet! I didn't know you were done with the first draft already. I'm so happy for you!

    Of course, that means we'll both be querying at the same time...


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