Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sharing the Love

Last week I had received yet another reward from Christi Goddard at A Torch in the Tempest. Many thanks to her! She's a wonderful writer and reading her blog just brightens my day. Unfortunately, I tend to be a stalker in every sense of the word because I secretly read her posts but rarely make my presence known. Sorry about that, Christi! :( But I appreciate the love.

Speaking of...

That's precisely what she gave me! And I'm going to spread the love right now. I would imagine that all of you lovely readers are rather sick of me tooting my own horn with all of these awards, so I'm going to focus on one particular blog by a good friend of mine:

I was very fortunate to have met Jaleh over at the Writer's Digest Forum. She's really helped me with Aurumenas and I've even gotten to read a bit of her work too. Of all the blogs I follow, hers is definitely at the top of my list of favorites. Each week she reviews a new book--most of which I'm sure you have never heard of--and she describes them so splendidly that you just have to read them.

Think you know every possible cause for a war? Think again! How about a feline friend in your royal court? Or a Frying Pan of Doom? And of course, no fantasy writer's library is complete without a comprehensive list of magical creatures.

Go over there and pick her brain. There are few people I have met in my life who are as knowledgeable in everything fantasy as she is. And don't forget to ask her about filk music! Seriously. Ask.

This is one blog that I seriously love, and I hope that you will too!

~Emily White


  1. I can certainly agree with you: Jaleh's blog is always fun to read, and despite my best efforts, I usually learn something.:-)


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