Monday, February 15, 2010

Wolf Moon-Chapter 1c

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There wasn't enough time for the word to pass his lips, but Chuck certainly thought it over and over again as the wolf, it's white teeth bared, soared through the sky at him. The strike from the massive animal was enough to knock him off his feet and crash him into the electrified fence. His jaw locked on contact as electricity surged through his spine.

He tried to scream through the pain, but every muscle failed to respond. The wolf that had knocked him down rose up out of the corner of Chuck's eye. The beast stood up on two legs and morphed into a man-like monster with coarse hair covering the expanse of its body and claws extending past its fingers.

It was at that precise moment that Chuck knew he was dead. Every second up until that point, he had harbored the delusion that he could fight his way out of it, but that foolish confidence was long gone. His body lay broken on the ground about to explode from the constant stream of electrical current running through it and something out of his nightmares stood just feet away, ready to rip him apart.

Nope. No hope. Not even a little bit. With all the strength he could muster, he took a deep breath and stared at the moon. That beautiful, beautiful moon. The last thing he would ever see.

Check in next week for the beginning of Chapter 2!!

~Emily White

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