Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why the Entertainment Industry is Starting to Tick Me Off

I was going to write a post on a different topic, which I will get to tomorrow, but I believe there is a more important issue that we need to discuss.

Rant time. Yes, it happens.

Thanks to The Rejectionist (here also) and Editorial Ass for enlightening their readers on a rather alarming state of events. Apparently the entertainment industry has come to the conclusion that white people are rather superficial bigots who won't spend any money to watch a movie with or read a book about people of color. Not only that, but they have insulted every person of color by indicating that they aren't good enough to grace anything we white people may read or watch. I'm sorry, but that makes me upset.

Never have I passed on a book or movie because the lead role did not have light enough skin. The thought never even once crossed my mind and it's sad to think that the entertainment industry would even consider it. I'll admit that I have been blessed to grow up in a rather diverse community, as well as a career in the military that has given me the opportunity to work and live with many people of different ethnicities. But at the same time, I never even once thought about how "different" this must be. Am I truly ignorant of what white people are like in other parts of the country? Is this industry justified in thinking that they'll make more money if they put people of fairer skin on the cover? I just don't know. And I'm hoping that you'll enlighten me.

Am I wrong to think that this is the most ridiculous state of events to ever take place? I truly just don't understand why it would even be considered to do such a thing. And I'm really mad that the industry thinks so poorly of us that we just can't get past race and treat everyone like human beings.

So, you tell me. Does the entertainment industry know what it's talking about? Are we really that superficial? And if we are, do you think the industry should be the one leading the way to represent people of color anyway? What are your thoughts?

In any case, the trend is a bad one and we need to vocalize our dissent.

Thanks for listening to the rant. I look forward to read what you have to say!

~Emily White

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