Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Bit About Me--the Summer lazies

Okay, I'll admit it.  I've been feeling lazy lately.  I don't know if it's the heat sapping all energy from my brain or what, but I just can't focus.

I look at all those sparkly blogs out there and I think, oh just one peek.  But one peek turns into many and then I just have to hit the refresh button to see if there's anything new.

Why do I mention it?  Because I can't think of a darn diddly yarn thing to post about.  I know.  I have failed.

Do you ever get hit by the Summer lazies?  What do you do about it?  Watch more YouTube?  Yes??  oh...uh...neither do I.

~Emily White


  1. hee hee. this was too cute! i think we all get the lazies. (but i find reading the blog posts totally educational- so it's more like studying- that's not lazy right?!?!?)

  2. I have Summeritis bad right now! Luckily I'm half way decent at pulling blog posts out of my ... bum.

  3. I have two very energetic kids, so I don't get much time to experience the lazies. When I do get the chance to be lazy, I luxuriate in it and turn to my old friends, the Lego games on the Wii.
    Other games are fun, too, but those Lego games are so darn addictive.

  4. Brad--I think my kids are the reason I suffer from the lazies. By the time I get them down for their naps, I just want to relax.

    I have never played any of those lego games, but they do look pretty fun. :D

  5. and by summer lazies you mean, all year round right? No. Not at all.

  6. I've got plenty of posts I want to do. I just don't have time to write them all as quickly as I'd like. Darn summer job takes most of my waking time and saps my energy. Then I have to try to get story writing done. I just want to vedge and read and play games. I can't even keep up with my blog reading and commenting very well. Dare I say it? I'm looking forward to back-to-school. Writing while the kid is in school, hooray!

  7. DL--Ahahaha! I'm glad I'm not alone!

    Palindrome--Of course. It just sounds better if I let everyone think it's confined to one season. :D

    Jaleh--You need a spa day, or dare I say it?? A ren fair day!!! :D


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