Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Monday!

Which means the weekend is over.  Boo!

But it also means it's time for an update!  Woohoo!

Yes, I seem to have turned into Dr. Seuss.  I really don't know how that happened.

Now because I'm still editing Aurumenas and will be doing so until I query in September, and because editing seems to be boring to everyone but me, I decided I'd do an update on something a little different today.

My garden!  It's so loverly and delicious, I can't help but share it with you all!

This right here is box garden #1.  As you can see, I'm growing marigolds, onions, and tomato plants (in the back).  What you might not have noticed, though, are the little pepper plants in the middle rows.  The empty squares had romaine lettuce in them, but they reached the end of their season so I pulled them out.

And this is box garden #2!  There are peppers, onions, tomatoes, and marigolds in this one too, but the big leafy thing in the back is a pumpkin plant.  My husband and I built a little trellis thing to have the pumpkin grow up instead of around.  There are also a couple pea plants in the back, but you can't see them in this picture.

Here's our one and only pumpkin.  We have LOTS of flowers, but only one pumpkin so far.  See how it's just hanging out?  Making these big plants grow up saves a lot of space.

Here's my water garden I've been working on.  I dug most of the hole last summer when I was very pregnant with my youngest.  My husband finished up the digging last Mother's Day (it was his gift to me).  Yes, I did place all those heavy rocks (all of them except the big round one right in the water--way too heavy for me).  There's some loose stone on the floor of the pond that I had just put in and they weren't washed, so that's why the water is all dirty.  If the water was clear, you would see that there are different levels in the pond.  I plan on planting some water lillies next summer when this is all done.  I'm also going to move some of my herbs and plant them right up against the pond.  You can see the lavender in the corner of the picture right now.  On the other side of the picture, I have a peony, but you can't see it.

Here's another angle!  I'm going to put more loose stone all around the bigger rocks and plant some moss and grasses around it.  There's the peony plant!  It's new so it doesn't have any flowers yet.  And off in the distance is my overgrown herb garden.  I did not expect them all to get so big so fast!  I have to move them around a bit to space them out.  And now that I'm really looking at this picture, I realize I have to fix that column.  It's leaning way too much!

So there it is!  My garden-in-progress.  Do you guys have any home improvement updates?  It is summer after all.  :)

~Emily White


  1. looking good! i have a black thumb instead of a green one! the only things i can keep alive are dogs, betas, and (thank goodness!) kids. :)

    so many home improvement (maintenance) projects so little time!

  2. Vic--my mom has a black thumb, too. She actually killed a cactus by not feeding it enough. LOL!

    Home improvement projects never seem to dwindle. You should see my list; it's rather daunting.

    Alleged Author--This is the first year we've done box gardens, and I love them! They're rich in nutrients from the manure and so easy to manage. So for that reason, our onions are doing marvelously well. I grew onions last year right in the ground and they did all right, but I really think they need loose soil to be able to flourish.

    Ah, painting...I love the end result, but I hate doing it. Sadly, I can't paint any of the rooms in my house yet because they're all horsehair plaster covered in wallpaper. We need to do a major renovation and gut out *all* the walls.

    And why did you replace all your mulch with rocks?? I'm sure it looks lovely, but the work! :o

  3. DL--Of course that counts! That's hard, sneaky work! ;)


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