Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse--The Review

First, a shout out to aspiring_x (aka Victoria Caswell) at Hairnets and Hopes.  She just started her blog and already I see it becoming one of my favorites.  Head on over and become a follower!  I'll wait.

Are you back yet?  Good.

I know I said on Tuesday that I typically don't like movies based on my favorite books, but Eclipse was actually pretty spectacular.  There were differences and liberties taken, but I could see how they were necessary to increase drama and suspense.  Do I like that Edward is always depicted as a weak fighter in these movies?  No.  But I see how doing so helps shape Bella's movie character a little better.

That being said, the fight scenes were pretty awesome.  And the director could not have made a better selection in replacing the previous actress for Victoria with Bryce Dallas Howard (the lady in Lady in the Water).  She was precisely how I always imagined Victoria to be--flaming red hair, babyish voice, and all.

Most importantly, though, the acting improved dramatically--even Jacob's Quileute friends seemed to fall into their roles a bit better.

All in all, a very good movie.  I was even contemplating seeing it again on the very same day.  If only I were not so poor.

Watch it.  Enjoy it.  And try to ignore all the giggling teenage girls sitting around you.


  1. Oh, I was worried about this movie. Out of the three books, this one was my favorite, but when I saw the previews I was worried they screwed it up. Sounds like maybe that did a good job!


  2. Justine--It was definitely closer to the books than the other two were. The fight scenes alone are well worth going. :D

  3. ok, I skipped the review because I haven't seen it yet!! (hasn't come out in france yet:) But I'll be back to share once I have

  4. i thought it was much better than the new moon movie... i wonder if it's the director who made the difference?
    also, i think the BEST part of seeing this series in the theatre IS all the giggling jr. high girls. i found myself watching them almost as often as i watched the movie.
    the entire row in front of us would leap to the edge of their seats when jacob black appeared. one embraced the seat in front of her the whole time, whilst another was clasping her her armrest so hard, i half expected her to leave fingernail marks. they were just so cute and hilarious!

  5. Creepy Query Girl--Don't worry! I didn't give anything away! :D But I look forward to hearing what you think about it!

    aspiring_x--They are quite hilarious. And they can have him. I am not a fan of Jacob in any way shape or form. I am most definitely on team Edward. I've never respected anyone who went after someone who was already taken and well, Edward is so vastly superior to Jacob! He must see that! :D

    I am a teensy bit ticked about how weak they make Edward, though. He can read minds for crying out loud! There's no way anyone can catch him unprepared!!!!!! Gah!

    *takes deep breath*

    I'm better now. I just needed to vent. :D

  6. I can't wait to see it for some reason. Glad you though it was good!

  7. Alleged Author--It is very good! Enjoy!

  8. Jen--My husband went at the 10:15 matinee. Granted, we were at the IMAX, but there were still plenty of teenage girls.


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