Friday, July 16, 2010

Music and Writing

I think a lot of us do this--listen to music to help us find inspiration for our writing.  I, for one, cannot write without music in the background.  Other things can too easily distract me if my brain isn't totally focused on working on my book.

So of course I have a theme song for Aurumenas that I must share with all you dear readers.  A friend of mine introduced me to this song a while ago and he said it reminded him of my book.  Boy was he right.  It was like the song was made just for Aurumenas.

Listen and enjoy.

Fireflight is now one of my favorite bands.  I could listen to their music all day long (and often do).

Any songs that remind you of your own WIPs?

~Emily White


  1. morning emily! i'd never heard of that song or band. not bad (definitely better than the awful techno music behind the star wars fights! :) )
    there are songs that match certain scenes in my book, but the closest for the whole thing (or the tone i'm trying to create)that i know of would probably be breaking benjamin's so cold :

  2. That is very cool. I can't write with music unless it's strictly instrumental, lyrics are distracting.

  3. That's a great song! I like breaking benjamin.

    A lot of people haven't heard of Fireflight because it's a Christian rock band.

    And techno music is cool. :) ;)

  4. I love Fireflight. They've actually had some crossover success; I first heard them on a mainstream radio station, and it was probably six months before I knew they were a Christian band (which made them even cooler :)).
    The music I use depends on what kind of scene I'm writing. A lot of my characters are coping with loss, and I use October Project's "If I Could" and Annie Lennox's "Love Song for a Vampire". I know, the title sounds a bit corny, but I have never heard songs that convey sadness and loss as well as these two.
    Action scenes usually get scored by Metallica or just about anything by John Williams, although I've discovered that some action comes out better when I write it using "non-action" reflective music such as Enya or Clannad or Nightnoise.
    What kind of music I use is tied to the emotion of the scene I'm trying to write.

  5. I listen to a lot of folk and gentle rock while I write. Lots of soothing voices and soft lyrics :)

    One song that I'm stuck on for my WIP right now is "Death Came and Got Me" by Rosie Thomas.

  6. Brad--I LOVE Annie Lennox!

    I have a wide range of songs picked out for my different scenes, too, but this one pretty much summed up everything for MC.

  7. my wip has sort of a NIN theme going. It's dark and moody. I have so much music that is great to write to.

  8. Great song! I love music and realized early that I don't like quite, even when I am writing/blogging. I listen to several female singers songs fit with how I feel about life, love and fit the 'dreams' I have for my future and esp. of the love I am waiting/going to find. :-)
    Great blog and post! Follow and will be back soon to learn more from you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Great band Emily! I don't know many bands so it's nice to hear other bands!!

    I'm currently in love with a song sung by B.O.B featuring Eminem & Haley Williams(from paramore) called Airplanes, the piece that I love for my novel is when they seeing about shooting stars... major inspiration!!!


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