Friday, October 29, 2010

Answers Continued!

So, last Wednesday it turned out the blog was experiencing some technical difficulties and there were questions I failed to answer.  Well, today is the continuation of the answers portion of Q&A!  My apologies to those whose questions I missed before.  To show just how sorry I am, I provide LOL cat cookies.  Enjoy!

Jai asked: Emily, if you could up close and personal with any of the characters in your book, who would it be?

Hmmm...good question!  Can I just have a party where they all show up?  No?  Well...I'd have to pick Cailen.  Cailen is the super hot love interest in ELEMENTAL.  And yeah, that's all well and good, but I'd really like to spend time with him because he's a Windbringer in every sense of the word.  He's easy going and wise, but he knows how to kick some serious tooshie.  He's got this control over his ability that is practically unparalleled.  Even Ella, who technically ends up being more powerful than him, doesn't have the finesse he does when it comes to controlling the elements.

Melissa Gill wondered: If you could have dinner with any writer, living or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I would LOVE to have a conversation with C.S. Lewis about his faith and just how he was able to incorporate it into all of his writing without alienating anyone.  He's definitely one of my literary heroes.

And finally...

Brad wanted to know: Do you think you'll come out a "winner" in NaNoWriMo?

I will seriously try, but I have my doubts.  My biggest hurtle will be stopping myself from editing and trying to write perfection in the first draft.  I still haven't been able to convince myself that the first draft is going to be craptacular.

So, that's it!  *looks at comments to make sure she hasn't missed any*  Yup, definitely it!  Thanks for all your questions, everyone.  And if you see a question that you'd like to answer, go ahead!  I'd love to see what you guys have to say!


  1. I'd totally love to be in the room during your conversation with C.S. Lewis. He is so one of my literary heroes. I'll have the same hurdle, I'm a perfectionist and I'm just going to put the words down and not look back. Good luck during NaNo! :D

  2. just want to say good luck with nano! almost time!

  3. Hey everyone, if ya'll are doing NaNo, be sure to check out agent Nathan Bransford's NaNo "Boot Camp" for helping set things up and prepare! He's been going over that for the past 4 or so days:
    Nathan's Boot Camp
    Just thought I'd share, tho I'm not doing NaNo myself.

  4. Thanks for the answer Emily. CS Lewis is one of my favorites too.

  5. Thanks for answering my question. You've got me all curious about Cailen now and not because he's a Windbringer! Well, ok, maybe a bit because he's a windbringer. I might a little bit curious to see what he can do with the elements.


  6. Very interesting answers. thanks for sharing with us.


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