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Goober Writers Anonymous--Jai Joshi

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Today's Goober Writers Anonymous guest blogger IS...dun, dun, dun!  Jai Joshi coming all the way over from the Tulsi Tree!  I've been following Jai's blog for a very long time now.  As both a published author and well-traveled lady, she's created a blog that is both unique and ridiculously entertaining.  Stop on over there and become a follower!  

Back yet?  Here we go!

When I published my first book, Follow the Cowherd Boy, I wanted to promote it as much as I could. I'd never done anything remotely like promoting or marketing before but after reading tons of book on the subject I made myself a press kit and drew up a plan.
Zealous with love for my work, I set up signings and speaking events and interviews in almost every state in the country, spanning two years. I drove myself from state to state in my trusty minivan, clocking up a whole heck of a lot of miles and adventure and dirty laundry.
All of the books I'd read on marketing had talked about the importance of maintaining a professional image so I was very careful to be smartly groomed and well dressed at all times. It was important to me that I not be lazy in this regard as I didn't want to misrepresent my book or the purpose of my tour.
So during the summer of 2008 I was touring the northeast. It was exhausting to be on the move all the time. I'd drive and drive and get to an event where I had to repeat the same lines over and over again. Then I'd drive to a hotel and drop into bed. One day I happened to be in Ohio and since it was my day off I slept in to catch up on my rest. When I woke up I realised I was dangerously close to my checkout time and had to rush to get showered and dressed and packed. In a frenzy I pulled the first t-shirt out of my bag and got it on, getting my head and arms all tangled in the process. It was my sister's t-shirt so I didn't know why it was in my bag but it was red and stripy and went fine with my pants and I was in a rush so I didn't stop to question it. Pulling my hair into a chignon I grabbed my bags and headed out to the car.

I had several errands and jobs to do throughout that day so I drove all over town. But something strange was happening. Everywhere I went I was being checked out by men. I mean, I've been checked out before but this was different. Men were actually leering, perusing my body with lingering stares and grinning at me smarmily as if they knew just want I needed. A couple of cars even beeped as I walked across the parking lot and crossed the street.
I went to the library, the post office, a couple of banks, the pharmacy. Everywhere I went it was the same. What the heck? I wondered. Where the men in Ohio creeps or what? I finally went to the grocery store in the evening and it was the same deal there too.

I ignored the guy who stared at me all the way down the cereal aisle and moved over to the milk refrigerators, opening the long glass door and grabbing a bottle of red top. (I only drink full fat milk because anything less is a crime against decent food.) I closed the refrigerator door and that was when I saw myself in the glass. My red t-shirt had white lettering over the chest. I deciphered the words slowly as I read it backwards.

must be able to go the full 90 minutes
And underneath in tiny letters was written (Apply Within).
HOLY CRAP! I stared at the words that were printed over my chest. No wonder I was getting leers and smarmy grins. This was a serious wardrobe malfunction and I'd been walking around in it all day! Eek eek eek!

I'd had no signing that day (Thank God!) but this was still awful for my image. I mean, professional authors are supposed to be dignified!
Cheeks flaming, I rushed to the checkout and paid for my stuff. I'd never been so anxious to hand my money over! The male door greeter gave me a fat smile and received a scowl in return as I stalked away.
That night, I made sure to stuff the red 'WANTED' as far down my laundry pile as I could get it. There was no way I was making that mistake again.

Oh dear.  Poor Jai!  I've never been put in this particular situation because I've never been on book tour, but I did spend the entire afternoon of one middle school day with my skirt tucked into my underpants (if that makes you feel any better).

Thanks for sharing your goober story!

Discussion:  Has an embarrassing clothing-related situation happened to any of you, dear readers?  It's okay.  You can share!

~Emily White


  1. That was hilarious! It left me with a single question for Jai though. What's your sisters phone number? :)

  2. ohygoodness! DL!!!! i think we need to forward that comment to his wife!!! :)

    jai! sweetie!!! how embarassing! but hey! at least you know you still got it! :)

    once in jr. high, my old ratty blouse came unbuttoned and i was walking around band class (about 60 kids in that class) not realizing i was flashing them all. blouse went into the trash as soon as i got home, and i started wearing tshirts under every button down shirt! :)

  3. DL--tsk, tsk. You are too wrong! LOL!

    Vic--How embarrassing! That's, unfortunately, happened to me more than once. Of course, it doesn't usually matter in my case. :P

  4. Oh no, that is too funny. I'm getting dirty looks from my boss for laughing when I'm supposed to be working. You tell a great tale.

  5. Yes, told extremely well (are you a writer?), but how dreadfully mortifying!

  6. Lol oh my word that must have been terrible.


  7. Emily, is that story about having your skirt tucked into your underpants true? And no one told you?! Kids are mean.

    It's dang funny though.


  8. DL, you made me laugh! She's taken.


  9. Vic, I've got a couple of blouses like that but I'm too cheap to throw them away. I just use safety pins to secure them (and me).


  10. Jai, I'm afraid the story *is* true. Sigh. It was a rough day. :(

  11. Oh poor Jai - but very funny! That tee-shirt is so not you, which makes it even funnier. Thanks for sharing. Peace...

  12. Hannah, I had to google DL FTW to see what you meant by that. It made me chuckle because I had no idea although I got everything else. *giggle*

  13. I remember hearing that story, and mortifying as it is, it's still funny. If I have any clothing mishap stories, I've (thankfully) suppressed them.

  14. Jaleh, it is funny. In between blushing and ducking my head I do laugh when I think back to that fiasco.


  15. pretty hysterical jai ;)

    be happy you weren't wearing the orange shirt my ex-wife got me, eons past, it read, in bold/caps: I MAY NOT BE TOTALLY PERFECT... [then in small letters] but parts of me are excellent! :O lol


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