Monday, November 1, 2010

It Has Begun!

NaNoWriMo is here!  And do you know what that means?  A life of coffee, jammies, messy rooms, fried brains, and sadly, limited blog posts.  I'll be cutting back quite a bit on my blogging.  I'll still have a few "I'm Alive" themed posts from time to time to let you know how NaNo is going, and GWA will continue, but that's about it.

Wish me luck!  I've already started the festivities by not getting out of my jammies this morning.  Nice, huh?

And good luck to everyone else!  Let's get those novels written!


  1. LOL The best thing about NaNoWriMo is everyone has something to blog about . . . if they have time to blog. :)

    Good luck! I'm doing NaNoWraMo. As in finish off my novel or add 50,000 words to it. :D

  2. GOOD LUCK!!!!
    ... umm... what if i'm still in my jammies... and i'm not participating in nano... :P

  3. Good luck, Emily! May your NaNo words be productive ones.

  4. I'm still in my jammies too but I'm not doing Nano. I guess I'm joining in the spirit of the thing with all you guys who are doing it. Have fun! I'll miss your regular blog posts but I'll forward to hearing your updates.


  5. I feel like they should send you a pair of book-themed jammies when you sign up for NaNo. You could wear them on errands, the grocery store, etc. and instead of pointing and laughing, passerby would say "oooooo, that's a writer," in hushed awe. Best of luck :)

  6. Good luck with NaNoWriMo, Emily! :)

  7. I'm planning to end my day with pajamas and NaNo! Here's hoping it's a strategy that works.

  8. I had to get dressed today. First there was putting the kid on the bus, then the expectation I'd be heading to work, then picking up my son from school early because they got paranoid about his rash and slight temp, taking him to the doctor instead of me going to work, and well, I just stayed dressed.

    Jammie time now. I may just get half dressed tomorrow, assuming the school isn't going to freak again. The doc said his throat swab was negative for strep. (Did you know that they can get results in 5 minutes now? I remember it used to take a few days.)


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