Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Fun Time! Movie Classics

Happy Saturday, everyone!  I hope you all had a great week.  How is everyone doing on their NaNo novels?  Keeping up with the 1,667 words a day?

Today, I'm going nostalgic with Saturday Fun Time.  This video right here has one of the greatest scenes in movie history.  Most people know it.  Most people can quote it word-for-word.  It's sad, it's funny, it's a little pathetic.



  1. Ha! Absolutely love it!
    That movie is much smarter than most people give it credit for.
    The absurdity, the utter unreality of that scene is what makes it work so well.
    Thanks for the lift!

  2. When I read your post I thought the clip was going to be a scene from Gone with the Wind or something equally classic. But then I saw the Ziggy Pig title and laughed out loud. That guy was such a hilarious Bonaparte! And that ice cream always gives me cravings.


  3. Jai--Hehehe! That scene IS a classic! Don't you wish your local ice cream shop had something like that? I sure do. And yeah, that guy was a perfect Napolean!

  4. I was catching up. By Saturday night I was only about 1300 words behind. Yesterday I crashed again, and today isn't looking great. Stupid Mother Nature showing up a week early and having a full shift yesterday. Today is car worries and work, with knowing they want me to stay for full shift and not just my scheduled half shift.

    So moody, tired, and cranky. Redundant descriptions I know, but tough. ;) I got no writing done yesterday, and about 650 so far for today. Sigh, there goes my schedule. If I get really lucky, I can crank out a bunch later this week after the folks take little guy to Auntie's house for Thanksgiving. I won't hold my breath though.


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