Monday, February 14, 2011

I Heart You

A chocolate heart for your pleasure :)

My husband knows I love him.  I tell him everyday.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  So, we don't really need St. Valentine's Day to express our devotion to each other.

But do you, dear readers, know how much you mean to me?  

Well, you do.  

You make the hours of internet browsing and blog hopping so worth it.  I sign in to yahoo with anticipation every day.  And when I see all those happy little emails in response to a blog post I wrote, I get a little warm inside.  Cheesy?  Yes.  But oh so true.

So thank you, and will you be my Valentine?  :)


  1. My wife and I also look at V-Day as any other date on the calendar. We love each other every day. Why should the 14th of this very short month be any different?

    I feel the same way about my readers and love the little comments I get. I love them soooo much!
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  2. ohmy! my inner zombie is now very hungry! we love you too em!!!!

  3. This is very sweet, Emily. Thanks.


  4. Warm and cheesy sentiments back at ya! Aw!

    Yeppers, you can be my bloggy Valentine. :) Have a good day with Gorgeous and your Whitelings!

  5. we love you to, Emily :)
    Hope you're having lovely Valentines with hubs.
    PS I think I would've preferred different kind of chocolate heart in the pic above :))) One less medical and biological he he :P

  6. You are a dear friend. I chocolate-heart you, too.

    My hubby and I do things throughout the year, but we do something sweet together on the day itself, though sometimes it doesn't happen the way we planned. [mutters] lousy weather

    Hope you had a wonderful Monday. <3

  7. Of course! Chocolate hearts right back atcha.


Yay! Comments! Oh, how I do love them! :D