Monday, February 7, 2011

Things that make me go grr...

I had half the post done of More Things I Learned at the SCBWI Conference, and paused to feed my kids.  Well, when I came back, my computer shut down of its own accord and now that post has disappeared.


Sadly, I have about a half an hour before I have to take my son to the library so I don't have enough time to rewrite the whole thing.  :(

However!  I will write it for Wednesday!  And now that the plague has left my house, I can guarantee you that I will actually have a post.  :)

In other news, while sick and potentially out of my mind, I opened a facebook account.  Check it out!  And after I come back from the library, I promise to visit everyone!  It's been a while since I've had time to thoroughly check out all of your blogs.

So, what have you guys been up to lately?


  1. hee hee hee! that happens to me ALL THE TIME! i push the save button so often, i don't even realize i'm pushing it anymore! :D
    have fun at the library! i'm happy you all are feeling better! :)

  2. Sorry to hear you've been sick and that your computer ate your post! Glad you're feeling better. I'm still holding out on Facebook; don't need another time-suck. I actually wrote pages on my WiP this weekend, rah! (except oops, that means I'm a little behind on the critiquing, heh-heh). Back on that this week! Have a great one. :)

  3. You already know what I've been up to. Welcome back to the world! Sorry about your post. :(

  4. Just rewriting and dealing with visitors.

    See you around.


  5. I'm sorry to hear about your post! That's happened to me--it's so frustrating when posts things just disappear.

  6. that's why you should write your posts in the box that blogger has for us since it automatically saves your drafts every few seconds :) and you can't lose them.

    PS it's lovely having you over at FACEBOOK too :)

  7. urgh! Gotta hate it when that happens!! I do multiple saves of most of my work AND my hubby does backups as well for me (gotta love being married to an IT guy).

  8. Flus and bugs have sure been going around lately! Glad to hear you're getting better. I still haven't joined Facebook yet - hope you have fun!

  9. I hate losing stuff. I once wrote a twenty page paper and saved it to a disk so I could print it at school. When I put the disk in it came out unreadable.

    Since then I save often and, if I can, I save things in multiple locations. It makes me a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to my novel. I have it on my jump drive, on two computers, and in my email. This means I have to resave it everywhere as I write more and edit, but I can't stand the idea of losing 200+ pages.

    Blogging, quitting my job, and going a little crazy.
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  10. I've been working (non-writing work - boring), driving down snow covered roads, frantically trying to read my friends blogs and eating. Lots of eating. It comforts me in the cold. I need some cake but haven't been able to do any baking.

    I know what you mean about losing stuff to dumb computers. It just happened to me I nearly tore my hair out.


  11. Whee! Facebook. Look me up. Brad from the WD forums, Juliette Wade, and Janice Hardy on it, too. You can find them from my friend list if you want.

    I've had the computer eat things too. Very annoying. My laptop ate a comment I was writing yesterday when my screen decided to die on me. I had to finagle in order to make it turn off. When I powered it back up, the screen came back on, but that's the second time it's done that. One more reason I need to buy a new one.

  12. Stuff like that happens to me all the time.


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