Friday, December 28, 2012

Goodbye, 2012. Hello, 2013--A year in review

Much to the dismay of many, we are still here despite the Mayans' grave warnings (or maybe not so grave). So I thought I might do something a little different this December. I've never done a year in review, but this was a particularly spectacular year, so why not? :)

You may or may not remember that my debut novel came out this year through Spencer Hill Press. I think like most of you out there, this was a major dream of mine since the day I learned you could bind pieces of paper together and put words on them. To find out I wasn't a freak because I had hidden conversations with characters I'd created?? Pretty amazing.

Which is another milestone I'd like to recognize...

You guys. I've gained a lot of followers over the year and I know most of you are book bloggers and aspiring authors. You have no idea the amount of warm and fuzzies I get knowing you guys are out there experiencing the same frustrations and wonders that I am. I love knowing I can go to you, that I can speak my mind, and that you get it.

I kind of feel like this...

And because of all your support, I worked up the courage to publish my very own book

Two books in one year. I never dreamed something like this would ever happen to me. So thank you, Mayans, for not really predicting the end of the world. ;)

And all of that is great, but the best thing to happen to me this year was the wonder of Doctor Who. I'd heard plenty about him (especially on Vive le Nerd), but I never really had the desire to take the plunge until a few months ago.

I know. Trust me, I know.

Holy freakin' cow! I'm kind of obsessed now, really. To the point where I'm naming everything Weeping Angel or Tardis. O.O

Just ask vic caswell. She laughs and all, but I think she's getting a little annoyed. :P

So that was my year--books and Doctor Who. A pretty great year, if I do say so myself!

But now I have to look towards 2013 and as great as 2012 was, there were some things that left me feeling a

My entire blogging career consisted of me striving for publication and once that happened, I felt a little lost. You might have noticed I haven't been blogging that much since July. Well, it's because I didn't really know what to do anymore. I didn't know who I was, really.

And last night, I had a bit of an epiphany (which is ironic). I wrote a post a month or so ago about how I thought it wasn't entirely appropriate to bring up politics or beliefs on a professional platform.

I was wrong. And I'm sorry.

You see, I realized I've been showing a veneer of myself to the world. And I've been growing more and more uncomfortable because of that. There was a time when I was new to the whole online thing where things went badly. I went to the wrong places, putting myself out there and people told me to f'ing kill myself.

So I've been a little timid. But I don't think I need to be timid around you guys. And I now realize that it's important to portray ourselves exactly as we are in this industry.

2013 will see a more realistic me. It's a lot like the me you already know, but deeper. 

It's going to be another great year and I can't wait to share it with all of you!!!


  1. Bring on 2013! Congratulations on all of your success, Emily. May you have even more in the future.

  2. What a great 2012 you've had! Here's to an awesome 2013, too.


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