Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Update on Tuesday :o

My apologies to everyone for skipping yesterday's post!  To tell you the truth, I skipped it because I didn't really feel like updating all of you on my failures.  But I've had a day to wallow in despair and I've decided that if I'm going to bother to have a Monday Update at all, I have to let you know about the disappointing stuff, too.


After giving Matthew Rush and all of his followers a look at my query and revising it to a sparkly shine, I decided now was the time to take the plunge and send it out.  So far, after sending it out to nine agents, I've received four form rejections.  Out of the remaining five, I'm considering one of them a rejection because according to Literary Rambles, he responds within a day or two, but also according to the Publisher's Marketplace, he claims he can't always get back to everyone.  And I've been waiting for more than two days.  Sigh.

Before sending out my query, I happened to win Shannon Whitney Messenger's awesome first chapter critique giveaway!  Okay, so maybe all of my news isn't disappointing.  This was actually quite exciting!  And after getting some really great advice, I did some tweaking and I think the beginning is a lot smoother.  I will admit I was a tad stupid before this critique and didn't listen to my beta as much as I should have.  Let this be a lesson to you: your betas know what they're talking about!

However, as you might imagine, after receiving nothing but form rejections, I was getting a little upset.  I knew I wasn't about to write a better query.  So, I automatically assumed that of course my sample pages were just crap and this is why I was getting nothing but form.  However, I stumbled upon a great post about the many reasons agents reject that really lifted my spirits.  So, I sent out my query to my dream agent, hoping for the best.


I've been writing sporadically on this.  I started out really great, but pretty much fizzled at chapter 5.  I can't seem to get past a certain point.  Plus, my husband's work schedule has changed and it's been messing with my alloted writing time.  I'm a creature of habit and my muse refuses to meet me at a time other than our appointed schedule.  So, sadly, I'm stuck around 12,000 words.  It's felt like trying to squeeze a marshmallow through a straw.  The marshmallow gives, but not quite enough to get through.

I'm going to lock myself in my bedroom today and force myself to get through this chapter, if it's the last thing I do!  *shakes fist*

Well, that's it.  My sad little writing career.  How are you guys doing?  A lot better than me, I hope.

~Emily White


  1. Don't give up, or too down on yourself. Getting rejections is kindof part of our careers as writers, and your writing can get better because of them. Eventually trhe good will out weigh the bad again. as far as your muse, I suggest sending a fairy after it! That will teach it. good luck

  2. LOVE your comparison of squeezing a marshmallow thru a straw! Sigh, yes, hang in there, girl. I have a policy of shooting off my next query as soon as one returns to me rejected; it makes me feel productive and lessens the sting. I know what you mean by wondering if there's something wrong with the story idea or the writing though, after collecting the rejections. But an agent "falling in love" with a manuscript is a highly subjective thing I think, and you have to wait for that kind of magic. Well worth it, I'm told! Can't wait to get there myself.

  3. Good luck with Elemental! I think that's awesome you're querying it. I'm sure it's discouraging, but I'm sure you'll get something positive soon!

  4. Congratulations for sending it out! It only takes one agent. I sent out 4 queries on Thursday, and have gotten one form rejection back so far. For some reason, each one seems to hurt less and less.

    Also good for you for continuing to write a new book while waiting. I find it hard too, because I keep having to shift focus. But last night I just forced myself to write 500 words. The biggest bunch of crapola I've written since the third grade I'm sure, but still I got something on the page. The real writing is in the revisions anyway.

    Anyway, good luck with your queries. Hang in there.

  5. Keep plugging away! I read your query when it was posted and I'm positive something will turn around soon! Don't give up hope!

  6. In this tough economy and this difficult market, rejections happen to even the best writers. Don't let them get you down.

    I won Shannon's critique as well - she is AMAZING! So helpful :)

  7. Lindsay--Thanks for the hugs! And good luck with the querying!

    Summer--That is very true. Thanks! And hmmm...I SHOULD send a fairy...mwahahahahaha! :D

    Vic--Yeah, that's what that helpful post said. It definitely cheered me up! Thanks for reminding me!

    Is it sad that I've actually hit my computer before? I tend to take my anger out on inanimate objects. :o

    Jaleh--Yeah! I'm so glad you've been inspired! I love hearing that my blogfest did that for people. That's what I really wanted everyone to get out of it. :D

    Carol--Hehehe! I'm glad you liked my marshmallow analogy. I've been doing that with my queries, too. I like to have at least four out there at a time, so when a rejection comes it, I consult my list and send another one out. And yes, I can't wait to get there too! Hopefully it will be soon, for the both of us!

  8. Shallee--Thanks! I certainly hope I do!

    Misha--Thanks for the link!

    Melissa--Hahaha! Oh believe me, I write lotsa crapolo when I'm suffering from a block. Sometimes I wonder if it's better to just let it run its course.

    Hannah--Yes, boo! Hehehe! You're too cute! And thanks for the nudge!

    Sondrae--Thank you! I certainly hope you're right!

    Sandy--Thank you!

    Elana--Yes, boo! Lots and lots of boos! And good luck with the querying! It is scary, but ultimately worth it. :D

    Jemi--Shannon *is* amazing! I never win anything on all this blog contests! I'm just so glad I won *that*!

    Jai--Thank you for the hug! I thought about that for H&G and when I was writing yesterday, I realized I just didn't care for MC's friend. I didn't like where I had led him. So, it's all fixed and the block is gone! It's amazing how that happens! Thanks again!

  9. I feel for you. Rejection is something we all have to go through but it's still horrible. I'm dreading when I have to start sending out my queries. If you keep at it, you'll hit a win :)

  10. Hang in there! It will happen. Just keep working. (Actually, Elana Johnson did a great post on this today, which is summed up in the adage, "When life looks like a bowl of poop, put your head down and work harder". Applies to writing.)

    I've finally had a breakthrough on my chapter book (and I feel embarrassed admitting that I even had a block on something as short as a chapter book), am hitting my stride with my PBs (after two years - finally!), and am slogging through the quagmire that is my attempt at a first draft of a YA novel. Ugh.


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