Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Fun Time! More Good tunes

You may have noticed I took yesterday off, but you, my good readers, should not have taken off from voting!  Oh no!  With only today and tomorrow left, your time is running out!  If you've already voted, please disregard this message.

Today, I thought I'd share with you a song that has become extremely important to me.  I don't know how many of you readers know just what happens during basic training for the military, but we actually do have a graduation ceremony at the end.  It's quite spectacular.  We're all dressed up in our Class A's, looking spiffy, and just minutes away from seeing our families.

Well, there's also a tradition of playing a video to recap the whole nine weeks of training.  And on that video, the LT who put it all together chose the most perfect song ever to sum it up.

Here it is:

The slow bit at the beginning was playing at the same time pictures from Day Zero were being shown.  Day Zero is the first day the Drill Sergeants begin the breaking process.  Absolutely perfect.

Hope you enjoyed!  And don't forget to vote!


  1. I'm not particularly fond of that band, or the military, but congrats on making it through to graduation :)

  2. I can feel the shivers of pride running through everyone. ‘It starts with one’ is such a powerful statement. :) I grew up wanting to Go Army but in the end went for something more artistic (like I would have been the girl putting the uber cool song to the pictures of Day Zero I took). I will always wonder….
    I’ve seen Linkin Park in concert several times… tons of fun. My favorite line from this song is ‘I designed this rhyme to remind myself how I tried so hard.’ No matter what we do in our lives, in our relationships, or even in our writing… all the mistakes we may make or victories we may relish in, we have to create things that will remind OURSELVES how great we really are. So many do whatever it takes to prove to others. In the end the only person we have to prove anything to is ourselves.

  3. i've heard of that band, but i don't think i've ever heard any of their music before. i really liked it! and i can see how it was perfect for the graduation!!!

    and the visual effects in that video!! gorgeous!!


  4. My AF graduation was sooo long ago.

    Love love love Linkin Park. This song was the one that hooked me them actually.

    The link didn't play for me - computers just HATE me lately - but I've heard it often enough I've got the lyrics memorized and the tune consistently playing in my head. But what the hey; I'll hop on over to U-tube and catch all my favorites.


    Good luck on the contest judging. Man, those were some awesome entries, and I had at least 3 I wanted to vote on. I did pick one finally. Tough choice though.

    Feel like posting a pix of you in your class A's? Air Force is my pride and joy, but all services are equally astounding in the service they provide not only our country, but the training/education of our young people into the world of adulthood.

    Kudos to you Emily for your choice. Is this graduation from basic, or your actual tech school? What's your MOS?

    Well, congrats to you for getting however far you are in your career.

    Off to uTube now. Thanks.


  5. Thanks, Brad. I actually graduated about eight years ago, but I'll always take the congratulations! It was extremely hard, after all.

    Michelle--Wonderfully said! And I wish I could have been that girl if only they'd let me!


    Vic--I love this band. I really do. And that video is quite inspiring! After watching it a few times yesterday, I've a few ideas pop up. :D

  6. Love this band! I saw them live when they toured with Metallica and think they do a great show. Plus, their songs don't sound the same track after track.

  7. Love this song! I have good memories associated with it, too. :) Hadn't seen the video before, though! :)


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