Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Ten Blogfest!

Monday Update is being moved to tomorrow because today is Alex J. Cavanaugh's Top Ten TV Shows Blogfest!  Essentially, what I'm going to do is give you a ten bullet list (in no particular order) of my favorite all-time TV shows, and why they're my favorites.

For a list of the other participants, click here.

The Smurfs

Growing up, we had this TV with a broken dial that you actually had to use pliers to change the channel.  Well, I was completely unable to manage it on my own, so I would have to give my big sister a massage before she would turn it onto the Smurfs for me.  And believe me, dear readers, I was more than willing to give that massage.  These little blue-skinned guys were some of my best friends growing up.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

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Yeah, I just love that song.  

All the Stargate Shows (counting this as 3)



How can I possibly summarize my love for these shows?  Hmm...  They mix sci-fi with mythology and if you haven't figured out that is pretty much my all-time passion, you haven't been here very long.  Actually, SG-U deviated from that a bit, but it's still a really good show with awesome new worlds.

America's Next Top Model


A bunch of girls who get to play dress-up every week?  That's pretty much how I dreamed I would spend my adult years.  If I wasn't too old, too short, and had a weak chin, I would totally try out for this show! :P

Hell's Kitchen

What can I say?  I love cooking shows and I love things that remind me of basic training.  This reality show (in my opinion) blows all other reality shows away.  People are actually chosen based on skill set rather than good looks and whether or not they'll bring drama to the show.  They don't need to choose someone for drama, they've already got Gordon Ramsey.   


I love being scared in non-gory settings.  This show quite literally terrifies me and if my hubby wasn't watching it with me, I would probably be too chicken to turn it on.  The MCs, Sam and Dean are absolutely hilarious, too.  The acting is superb and the each episode is amazing.  If you guys haven't seen it (on the CW), you MUST check it out.


I have to admit that I missed the first few seasons and didn't really get into it until the WB became the CW.  However, I just love where the took the Superman storyline, and I've been devouring the first few seasons on Netflix.  I'm really sad that this is going to be the last year for Smallville.  I just hope he finally puts on his cape.  :D

SNL Jeopardy

I can't upload the video, but you must go here to see it.  Seriously.  Hilarious.  However, the video has some crass language, so be warned.

If you've ever seen a SNL Jeopardy skit, you completely understand why this is in my top ten.  If you haven't, you MUST click the link.  


  1. I'll take the penis mighty for twelve hundred, Alex. LOL!!

    Love Stargate!! The original still ranks high up there but I love the others too. Yay!!

    I'm so glad we have another Supernatural fan!! I'm obsessed with that show! And not every episode is scary but def the first two seasons...they've had a few scary ones here and there lately. I can't wait til Friday!!!!!!!!!

  2. we didn't own a tv until i was eight or so, and by that time i was too old to understand the smurfs... they kinda freak me out! :)

    speaking of freaking me out, my hubs and i are netflixing our way through season 1 of supernatural. i need him with me to watch it too! (and the baseball bat next to the bed...) :)

  3. The Smurfs is one of the best cartoons ever. Absolutely for sure.

  4. HEY! I'm glad to have discovered you... I can't really do the fantasy, but love to read it, and we seem to have several overlapping genres on the writing.

    Supernatural looks FABULOUS! I am adding it to my last... Smallville, too, I think.

  5. Love both Supernatural and Smallville, and SNL Jeopardy is my favorite skit EVER! Great choices.

  6. Another Stargate fan - too cool!
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

  7. Good, I'm not the only one who went with some childhood favorites!

  8. Nice list. I like the first two Stargate shows, unimpressed with Universe. And don't post promos for Supernatural! I'm trying to be tough and not watch it! I can make it till Friday I hope!

  9. I debated putting America's Next Top Model on my list, but I chickened out. I do TiVo, I admit. It's a guilty pleasure. GREAT list. Love the SMURFS!!

  10. Smurfs, Smallville, Supernatural! Love them. I thought I was the only one who remembered Attack of the killer tomatoes!

  11. Yay to Stargate and the Smurfs! I've never seen Killer Tomatoes.

  12. Hi Emily - I secretly love Smallville. Ssshhh, don't tell anyone. I can't help myself. It's such a fun show. And, I mean, come on, those tight, red t-shirts look so great on him. LOL

  13. Great list! I haven't seen SGU - but I love the other two! I also really have to watch Supernatural one of these days. It sounds awesome :)

  14. Supernatural was another one of my boderline shows. :)

  15. Emily you're the only one who named the Smurfs!!! How awesome is that!

    I've begun to realize I watch WAY to much TV!!!! I've noticed I've seen a lot of the shows people have listed... maybe I need an intervention!

  16. The Smurfs rock!!! And Chef Ramsey is the man!! Great picks you made:)

  17. Hey! Thanks for the comments, everyone! For those who shared your favorite SNL Jeopardy quote--ahahaha! I'm still laughing.

    And Kelly, yes I did know that! I'm really excited about it. :D

  18. Great picks Emily! I love that you included the Smurfs, so many Saturday mornings long gone ...

  19. Ooo. . .great choices. I acutally love Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. You should check it out, if you haven't seen it!

    Top Ten TV Blogfest

  20. Hells kitchen is awesome, i love watching it he is so angry!

  21. i wished i'd been able to watch Smallville but it was a little too dark for my kids at the time. nice to meet another fantasy writer--fairies and machine guns. sounds intriguing.

  22. The Smurfs! It didn't make my top ten, but my kid sister LOVED that show. Good choices!

  23. As much as I love the first two Killer Tomato films, I admit to never seeing the cartoon series. I should try to hunt these down, seriously.


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