Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weeeiiiird Sciiiiiieeeeeeeeence Weeeeeeeednsdaaaaay!

Think Thomas Edison is the father of electricity?  Hmm...not so much.  Today's Weird Science Wednesday post is about Nikola Tesla!

The True Father of Electricity

An absolute genius, the Serb-American inventor died alone and with all the recognition he deserved given to others.  Alternating current, wireless energy, fluorescent lighting.  All of this and much more was invented by Tesla.

Watch this AMAZING video to learn more.  It will blow your mind!  Yes.  I did just say that.  ;)


  1. ok! all i know of tesla is the phrase "tesla coil" and that there is some animated movie with a supercute little girl character named after him coming out...
    and i don't have time to watch that whole vid! but i added his wiki page to my faves for later learning!!!
    awesome pic! and looking forward to my future tesla-ducation! :)

  2. Tesla was featured in that movie about magicians, played by David Bowie. I'm blanking on the name.

  3. Vic--Definitely check out that video! There's some freeeaaaky stuff on it. Like death rays!

    Elena--Tesla is by far my favorite inventor. Ever.

  4. I concur. Tesla totally got robbed. :)

  5. Yes! I'd never heard of Tesla until THE PRESTIGE, when David Bowie played Tesla. My hubby likes this stuff. I will have to forward him a link to this page, like I did last week!

  6. ah, Tesla is the pride and joy of my country :) He is our most famous scientist and one of the most famous Serbs in history. His inventions basically gave us the world as it is today. We wouldn't have much of today's technology without his innovations. The airport in the Serbian capitol Belgrade bares his names as well.

    It is believed that there are many secret and groundbreaking inventions of his which were never revealed and which are far too futuristic even for modern era. That's why there was such a big fight for his legacy between Serbian and American government after his death.

  7. Dezmond--Oh yeah, he's pretty amazing. That video I provided goes into all his futuristic inventions (death ray, wireless energy tapped from the ionosphere, etc.) In fact, I'll be delving a little deeper into his inventions in the coming weeks.

  8. Amazing! I love learning about stuff like this. Just watched a Nova episode about fractoral geometry and that was fascinating too. Isn't it funny how so many scientific and mathematical geniuses are never given credit for their work? Just like in the writing world.



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