Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is For Emma, by Jane Austen

I've kind of been obsessed with EMMA these past couple weeks.  I don't exactly know how it started, but all of a sudden I just had to watch every single movie attempt at the story.

And out of all of them, my favorite  (by far) is the BBC adaptation.  The story had room to breathe with four hours that it just couldn't get with only two.  And to be honest, I preferred the acting in the BBC version.  Gwyneth Paltrow, though I'm sure a good actress, just didn't seem to capture Emma the same way the actress from the BBC version did (sorry, not good with names).

And Clueless?  Well, it was a cute way to take the story, but I'd forgotten just how much of the Valley Girl dialect those actors put into the whole thing.  Too. Much.

Mr. Knightly was the only character that was portrayed equally well in all versions of EMMA.  I don't think that character is in any way capable of NOT capturing our hearts, though.  *swoon*

So, for your enjoyment, I now present you with one of many of the "fight" scenes between Emma and Mr. Knightly in the BBC adaptation of EMMA:

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  1. That's it. After watching that one scene, I HAVE to see the BBC version immediately!!!! Thanks :)

  2. Oh, and just in case no one noticed, Emma's father was played by none other than the same actor who first played Dumbledore in Harry Potter. Very good acting indeed.

    And Jess, you are quite welcome! :) I hope you enjoy!

  3. ohman! i love that book SO MUCH!!!! :)

  4. I haven't read this one, but I loved Jane Eyre, and that has three Es in it!

  5. I've never read emma but I'm going to have to get it for my kindle now, thank you for sharing :)

  6. The Gweneth Paltrow version was so bad it almost made me cry. Emma is one of my favourite Austen novels. Honestly, the best film version I've ever seen is the Kate Beckinsale one. It was made in the 90s and is utterly faithful to the novel. The actors are sublime, the screenplay is perfect and everything is just right. And Mr. Knightly is swoon worthy.

    The recent BBC one is ok but they went a bit overboard with certain things.


  7. One of my favorite books! I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  8. Oh Emily!!! I just LOVE this adaptation. I never knew it exhisted.I have been living with the substandard Gwyneth for far too long! When can we get together to view this film in its entirety?

  9. I think Gwiny couldn't capture her own character if she would to play herself in a biographical film :) so it's not strange she didn't capture EMMA :)


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